Blondie for Disco Tuesday

in creativecoin •  11 months ago 

Creative Music Lovers

Today is Disco Tuesday so my Day, my Tag of Music on the Steem blockchain and I would love to see posts by other CreativeCoin and Steem addicts here. I have selected a piece by the gorgeous Blondie for today which not eveyone on this blockchain might know.


So her name is Debbie Harry and she was a model and punk artist in the 1970ies more or less. Being touched with Beauty it was a perfect promotional project (Blondie actually was the name of the band or project) to become successful - not all went well with her personaliuty, the band etc as there were many different interests of course - she still remains an idol for many older guys and girls. Let me kno your thoughts about the music! In the following please enjoy a live version from 2012!

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