MandalaTra ~ how?!

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Hi, Steemian fractalists!

This is a new mandala project @ Mandelbulb3D ~ creating a mandala type.

  • Here in the procces of calculation /render/ and then the output image ~ with different parameters for experimentation and parameter results researching. I am using another mandala of mine for a background image:
  • I need to try other dimensions!
  • The light changes... but also formula parameters:
  • I am going to ZOOM IN the navigation view!

I think when you go into improper depth of fractals they just brake :)
main paras~.jpg

Now this is more appropriate! Colors changed to random again...
I added some DepthOfView post processing...

Looks nice...

I need to go into a DeepDream state...

It is a Laser Fusion. And next one is just a colorful painted dream...

  • Next: Valyrian Dream

  • Enhanced version?

Let's combine it with another mandala!
And gone deeper into the dream...

I believe that's it for this session.

See you next time!

NOTE: 1% of this post's payout will be burned! ;)

some references:

  • Psy~fluo~mandala
  • Heart flake mandala:
    AMAZING heart MANDALA.jpg

visit | for more of those!

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