Labuschagne & Smith - Records On The Horizon...

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The Australian Test summer is in full swing at the moment. The Aussies have whitewashed an underperforming Pakistan 2-0, and have now turned their attention to offering up the same humiliation for New Zealand to wallow in.

Beginning as a concussion substitute for Steve Smith during the Ashes, Labuschagne (or as he was dubbed by a colleague of mine, "LooseBusChange"), has been an absolute revelation in the Australian batting order. He is now on the cusp of an achievement that has been accomplished by only one other Australian batsman.

Scores of 185 & 162 in the two innings victories over Pakistan, followed by 143 in the first innings of this match already mean he's the first man in 93 years to score three consecutive centuries batting at number 3 for Australia. As I write this, he has just reached 50 in the second inngs, aiming to be only the second Australian Test batsman to score 4 consecutive scores of 100+. The first being Jack Fingleton in 1936.

While were on the subject of records, Steve Smith is also looking down the barrel of a first. If Smith fails to pass 50 in the second innings, it will mark the first time in his 71 match career, that he has not made at least a half century for three matches. Admittedly his cause hasn't been helped by Pakistan being so uncompetitive that he only got the chance to bat once in each Test.

And of course, in the time it has taken to pen this piece, Labuschange has fallen, leaving Fingleton's record intact. All eyes are now on you Mr Smith......

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Yep, Labuschagne is the best South African batsman since Kevin Pietersen ;-)

True. Except ours actually seems like decent bloke.

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