ADOBE Suspends Its Services to Venezuelans

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Recently I made a couple of publications where I addressed the issue of administrative sanctions imposed by the US Administration to the Government of Venezuela and the relationship that these measures could have on the decision of the Venezuelan Administration on the possibility of expressing its international reserves, as well as your external debt transactions in cryptography.

The scope of the sanctions is yet to be determined as new factors are added every day. Thus the effects and consequences on the Venezuelan economy are in full development.

Today 10/07/2019, it is news in my country that based on Executive Order 13884 issued by the Government In the US, some international technology and finance companies will stop providing their services to Venezuelans.

These companies are: Adobe Systems Incorporated and the British Transferwise.

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It is an international provider of money transfers, more affordable than traditional banks when charging low transfer fees and currently supports sending money to 71 countries and sending money from 43 countries.

Today, account holders on this platform received an email saying:

“Unfortunately, on October 21 we will close your TransferWise account. Please log in before that date and withdraw your money "

As detailed in the text, the measure is taken "due to the sanctions and regulatory requirements established for Venezuela."


The news caused a stir in social networks, especially because most of the people who are dedicated to design use programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Dreamweaver, Animated, among others.

The account holders received the following email:

"Due to the recent Presidential Executive Order in the United States (Executive Order 13884) concerning activities with the Government of Venezuela, Adobe is no longer authorized to provide you with access to software and services, nor to allow you to make new purchases."

Sanctions and Blockchain

New ways of sanctioning the government of Venezuela are added every day. These measures are mutating and evolving according to the need for blockage.

"Would it be possible for these sanctions to address measures that affect the activity related to the blockchain and the crypto market in Venezuela?"

Currently many Venezuelans have found in cryptography a way to protect their income from inflation and devaluation. Recently, the Localbitcoin portal reported historical records on the number of transactions in Venezuela. In fact, in Steemit there is a fairly large community of Venezuelans.

As we know, the "Pseudonymous" property of BTC favors identity concealment and several cases of money laundering and financing of drug trafficking and terrorism have been discovered.

If the US Administration decides to sanction or restrict crypto-related operations in Venezuela, this will have a devastating effect on the adoption levels of the growing Venezuelan crypto population.


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Hi @juanmolina

Sad news, for everyone, that news gives me a lot of concern, because it makes me think that others can follow in the footsteps and begin to block all Venezuelans

because of some criminals who are occupying positions in the government of Venezuela.

Saludos un gran abrazo, hermano

Hopefully other companies do not join this movement.

because of some criminals who are occupying positions in the government of Venezuela.

Hi @lanzjoseg

It's really dangerous to post things like that sentence on blockchain ....

I read in some of the news that this was an overinterpretation of the sanctions by the companies, but I don't know if it's really like what happened to other transnationals that have withdrawn from the country due to the losses and restrictions of repatriating their capitals to their parent companies.

If this were the case, it would not make sense to make an excuse, but that may be more appropriate than accepting responsibility for their actions before public opinion.

If in fact they did it for a correct interpretation of the sanctions issued, because the effect can be problematic, as it could mark the beginning of a massive withdrawal of international companies that are still in Venezuela.

I think that the case of transnationals is due to other reasons.

These two companies that I named are the first to state that they took these measures motivated to sanctions. In any case they are not apologizing, but notifying their customers to take the necessary precautions.

@juanmolina, This is really unfortunate aspect and in my opinion these kind of events tells that no Centralised Project, Platform or Organisation is working towards empowerment of people. Let's pray that Decentralised Ecosystem will going to bring that true blessings for Venezuela and for the World. Stay blessed brother.

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Holy crack... I am literally on the other side of the world. Hopefully this is just a selfish profit reaction (or avoiding expense) move from Adobe. Which would not surprise me at all.

Hopefully, this is the case, although my biggest fear is that other companies join this movement.

For example, if Amazon, Google or Paypal decided to follow these actions, in Venezuela we would live the true and total chaos.

It is regrettable news to know that many of us depend on these services.

These are times when developments must take place in ever shorter periods of time.

It is for this reason that we must preserve positivism. Another method must replace the one that we are being repressed.

It seems like a pressure to people to follow bad governments.

@tipu curate

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Within this entire storm, only common citizens are affected. It is unfortunate to see how politics can do so much harm.

This is really very sad. This clearly show how these corporations only look for money and profit, such actions from them send out the ripple of unrest across all industrial segment and create a chain reaction. I want to ask these companies, where are those "Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)" policies? or were there any. Hold on Venezuela, good days shall come back. This is very sick, and very unacceptable, how action of one leader make entire country suffer.

Here is the link to become Citizen Journalist on This will help you address the issues happening on daily basis.

Thank you

Thank you for your valuable comment.
Certainly these companies had to put the welfare of their customers first. Unfortunately it was not so.

I will use that link you left me. Thank you.

Thank you for sharing your blog.and thank you for your generous gift 🙏🏽

It´s my pleasure.

Solid read @juanmolina
Upvoted and resteemed already

Thank you very much.

Hi @juanmolina

I've been also using Transferwise and I found this tool to be very reliable.

“Unfortunately, on October 21 we will close your TransferWise account. Please log in before that date and withdraw your money "

Is it limited to users from Venezuela ?

I wonder why US is still targeting Venezuela and making things harder for them. At the same time US seem to be worried about mass immigration to their country. Isn't obvious that if things will continue to get worse in Venezuela, then millions will be forced to flee and many will chosoe US as a destination country ...

Politics can be sometimes so hard to understand. It's obvious that currently US is using their monetary policy as a weapon against more than they did in the past. Crazy times ahead of us.

Yours, Piotr

Is it limited to users from Venezuela ?

Yes, this measure only applies in Venezuela

I wonder why US is still targeting Venezuela ...

It is not towards Venezuela itself, it is towards the government.
Too many crimes against human rights, terrorism and drug trafficking.

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