Guarda Wallet glitch: I have 8 thousand dollars and my phone is haunted!!

in cryptocurrency •  4 months ago 


Earlier this week, my mobile Guarda wallet application experienced a software error and showed me 8 thousand dollars instead of a real sum that is indeed on my accounts. Neither web or desktop versions show anything similar.

At first, I was not sure if somebody made a fatal mistake, because there was no sender to this amount and history seemed to be frozen, so I checked all usual communication channels to see if anyone contacted me over a transfer that went wrong.
There was no sender so I assumed my app is probably cursed - I tend to explain all tech stuff with magic because it is more entertaining that way.
When I tried to transfer those strange new magical and nothing earned funds an app simply showed me an error, well, showed me an error each time.

This is me trying to transfer...

After a few too many attempts I finally got a nice notification block under a transfer form saying they are investigating the issue and it should be fixed soon.

Till now the issue is not yet fixed and those 8 thousand dollars are there each time I open my wallet. Which is not so often, because I don't like to look at them.

Whenever I have a laggy or broken application, I just feel like my phone is haunted. This case is no exception...

Any rational person will immediately reset a phone, but instead being rational, I just want to leave it be and see if it starts sending love letters and taking over my IM applications. I find fun in strangest things.

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