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Hi cryptofriends!👋 As Ambassador I'd like to invite you to check our awesome site where you can check prices, exchanges and charts for your favorite EOS tokens!😉🥁🥁🥁 is the leading provider of data for EOS tokens, aggregating data from points of liquidity. 📈

The website displays current and historical data — including price, volume and marketcap — for a vetted list of high quality token and the API provides data for all EOS tokens!

👀You can find the next great crypto projects and many more:


Telos (TLOS)
"The Telos Blockchain Network, a new chain based on EOSIO software."


Newdex (NDX)
"The World’s Largest EOS Based Decentralized Exchange."


"The Community-Owned eos Block Producer and DAC Enabler."

Join our community: 🏃‍♂️




You can also track all new listings! 🙌


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