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Binance is launching another voting if you are not aware now the voting is always between two coins. So you have a 50% chance of hitting the right one.

People now look for those votings and buy a preferred coin or try to buy both and dump on listning.

Fun fact long ago i run an action here to get STEEM into the voting and win. Really old times but im sure some of my readers remember this find.

Anyways, if you dont have Binance account better grab it as STEEM is there - CLICK HERE


So right after the news, VITE jumped by 100% so we can guess this one will be in favor. No matter yes or not.. you can get VITE free with this method, fully legit.

  1. Get to this invite

  2. Download and install the app

  3. Go to the human on the bottom right and go to invite friends - see if 15YVphQe is entered to fill out referral code. If not - fill it manually, then you get 10 coins free right away.

  4. Go to Reward Enquiry - get even more coins daily for twitter following etc.

Vite Markets

They are in-wallet exchange as you can see and if you can get account on Okex (neeeds documents) then there seems to be nice trade vs HotBit now which doesnt need docs.


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