Poloniex is kicking old crypto DGB

in cryptocurrency •  10 months ago 

The news just dropped, price is not aware yet so lets see what happends soon - i expect to see a dump since those news are never good for morale of investors.

DGB is one of the old coins that used to trade everywhere in old days when there was not many crypto exchanges and Bittrex, Poloniex and Cryptsy where the holy grail.


Of course, crypto OGs got mad over this but thats how it is in crypto world, coins get delisted.

Poloniex was top15 market with one of biggest liquidities. Good news is at least KuCoin has it and Coinex which need no documents to get on.

DGB Chart from KuCoin



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seems that is the reason. well, dont hate owner of ur exchange as this cant end good.

So what do you think it is? Low volume?

actually not sure, not sure at all for the reasons


I don't know why they are taking it off, they should add more and not take these cryptos off from their site. @kingscrown :|

seems its just drama

With Poloniex locking people out of their account with KYC, as well as shutting down service for Americans, they've lost nearly all trust from most of us. And we must remember that they also delisted Steem. Some sort of financial conspiracy?

Poloniex has very very little credibility in my eyes.

DGB might go down, but I wouldn't be surprised if it went right back up after.
Poloniex's chaotic and erratic behavior will only fool an inexperienced trader.

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