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Hello all Hive Friends..
Reading the post and interacting with people is a great way to engage with people and it helps a lot on Hive.
As I always say the engagement is the key to success on Hive.
I am sharing some interesting posts I come across from last day...

@jongolson share a post on his Twitter plan. Twitte ris very effective way to reach the people in every part of world and can be used and a very effective marketing tool. He has planned to Hive tip the awesome creators promoting and showcasing Hive to the world, @theycallmedan & @threespeak also helping him (he is very active and very much ready to promote the Hive). If you are not sharing your awesome post on Twitter so its time to do so. May be you will also get some Hive Tip. Thanks @jongolson for sharing the idea and best of luck, I am sure you will execute it very well.

@alishi share a very simple but educational story. I love reading stories.The moral of the story is

Nnever do wrong things in order for you to get what you want. Most of the time you will either feel guilty or get into trouble.

@madushanka Share his thoughts on the current Pandemic situation and submit his IAAC post. In the video he stressed the things changed due to the Covid19 situation. I am happy that you are safe.

Thanks for stopping by my post.

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Thanks for sharing those posts, @guurry123! I will have a look at them. The COVID-19 cases where I live are pretty high numbers too. Very scary stuff.

Thanks for the mention I really appreciate 🙏