Sports Curation Epitome - 5-December-2019

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These are a daily compilation of sports posts curated by @dfacademy-sports. In this daily compendium, we share content exhibiting what we feel to be an exemplification of brilliant sports posts published by talented Steemians.


The waiting game: Is Pochettino waiting for Ole Gunnar's ousting from ManU?

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Author: @i0x

Pochettino who was recently sacked by Tottenham Hotspurs and replaced by Jose Mourinho is being rumoured to be the man to take over from Ole Gunnar Solskjaer when he is sacked from Old Trafford.


Mourinho Could Practically End It For Solskjaer

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Author: @roc75

Tomorrow evening Jose Mourinho makes his return to Old Trafford in what looks like it may be a judgement day for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.


How to Win Betting on College Basketball

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Author: @jon.bonomo

I spent this long holiday weekend cleaning up on bets for college basketball. Over Thanksgiving break, the NCAA held a series of invitational tournaments in Orlando Florida and other warm locations, and I was there, locked onto ESPN, making money all along the way.


Bringing More Sports To Light In Africa

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Author: @prechyeukky

It's no news that the most popular sport in Africa is football, which nevertheless isn't bad but when something overshadowed all other beautiful sports out there it becomes a bit bad or should I say unhealthy?



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