Running a large curation account... How to check for Alt Accounts? ELIMINATING DOUBLE DIPPING! 😜

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There must be a tool for tracing alt accounts to the source, I'd LOVE to know what it is!

I am in a bonus phase for rewarding the delegators, and I have some alts enrolled. I am "donating" my own stake/rewards for 3 months and I'd rather not keep rewarding double/triple dippers.
I did not expressly forbid ALTs in the first place, and I have no problems with these Alts as long as I know and do not duplicate the rewards. I am giving out ALL my stake/rewards for the first 3 months, so it's no difference to me personally, but extra accounts is taking away from the others who are using one account. I even knew of some going in but they were obvious and they also alerted me. These will be like the ones that use an @XYZ123.LEO and @XYZ123.NEO which is totally transparent. But having multiple stealth accounts collects separate bonuses which is just taking a double dip and reduces the bonus for others who are playing it Straight Up. I had one fine gentleman come forth, there will be no penalty. These ALT accounts were not created to game my system, they are much older than that.

Let's just call this the...




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I have one main account (@ronaldoavelino) and 31 alt-accounts. 10 of these alt-accounts are for playing steemmonsters and 21 are for tokens, one for each token. Only @ronaldoavelino posts or comments and the 21 only curate each token. It is easier to curate that way.
Am I wrong?

The only thing I care about is double-dipping on rewards from Spinvest-NEO


...and Excessive bookkeeping, just let me know and we can fix BOTH. No penalties... In fact, I appreciate the numbers, but I will do payouts to your Main Account. DM me Rondo, if you have any Alts here in SPI/NEO

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My alts only exist to curate. They don't post, comment or are part of anything related to the tokens/spi.

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I meant no double dipping on BONUSES, alts are OK to have,
it's meant to build accounts. 💪👍💪😎

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I think there are a few reason that people have more than one account. I myself have more than one, I actually have two accounts. One sits mostly idle just voting, still not sure why I have it, but it is used mostly for experimenting and voting. A Just in Case account should something horrible happen to my main account.

I have actually been thinking about getting a third account, one for the communities side of steem block chain, but for the life of me I can not figure out or think of a real reason to do so...I keep asking myself do I really want to make this more complicated than it already is?

Other than people being honest, I don't think there is a tool for finding Alt accounts. A quick peak in the wallet to see if there is multiple incoming grants from one or two accounts, or out going grants, but that may not be the reality of an alternate account, it could just be someone supporting a project.

Steem Block Chain is not exactly a KYC kind of site, so they may not even know, and now with the ability of anyone having more than about 5400SP being able to create accounts it has gotten a lot more difficult. So the reality of alternate accounts is the only way to know it is an ALT account is, if people say this is my other account.

There is a tool/method I just cannot remember.
I guess I can look it up on SteemWorld or SteemD
But that will just show the recovery account. Accounts
made by a witness will just have that as a recovery... Big
accounts using my service? Well, I'm more "OK" with that
but these little bitty minimal effort accounts garnering the
same reward as someone who has some major skin in the game,
I do not want to reward these >100 DELI accounts the same as a
50,000 DELI account. IYKWIM 😉🙃

Yeah it truly is despicable, when you see them post an article and talk among themselves while patting down the rewards it really makes you wonder why steemit can't figure out this doesn't work well in the regard of being a social media site.

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