Exchanging tokens for services #3

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Dear music, dance and fitness lovers

I don't need your upvotes for this post, instead I need to exchange tokens for services.

Do you think I can work with you in London? I have just closed down my company and I don't owe any money to any creditors.

These are some of the tokens I would like to exchange for services,
DTT Dance Token Two
PT Philosophy Token
HT Holiday Token
TYT Thank You Token
LA Living Abroad
DCMDT Donatello Club Music and Dance Token
DCCT Donatello Club Community Token
DT Dance Token
DC Donatello Club Token

Please visit these two posts:


Feel free to join our community aimed at music, dance and fitness lovers on https://beta.steemit.com/trending/hive-118409.

A new post like this one coming soon.

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Thank you for your support!