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Music Community to start some more action soon

Steem Blockchain Music Lovers - we plan some more initiatives to create a more interactive music environment. One thing we always had in mind and started over three years ago was to handle party events throughout the weekends.

We need your feedback here - what would you like to have?

On a financial note we could organize music contests to drive some crypto to the most engaged folks. We also could skip all that money thing towards an engaging post attitude initiative. Let us say, every week one music community member has the task to start a party, no matter which music genre, and we all try to have fun with music - and of course with upvotes and comments to create a buzz around the weekly music topic.

Let us know your thoughts - this community should be a place to enjoy music, not related to financial interests of community organizers.

Today I just suggest some Trance Dance stuff of the good old times from Frankfurt, Ibiza and Bella Italia. Let us have some fun together - and do NOT forget to let us know your ideas.

Check the Music Community on Steem- join here

Music community

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The idea of a blockchain party (like #danceweekend) is a cool idea; I do wonder if this is the best way to go about it. A more realtime serve and set times which could be arranged at Discord may get more users to participate. Somehow the blockchain can be made part of it, I'm pretty sure about that.

In the long run, I would personally like to see artists having their profiles at Steem and interacting with their fans. What we need to build is something artists and fans are interested in. Its a bit catch-22, I know: artists won't spend time somewhere they dont have their fans, and fans dont go somewhere their favourite artists are not present.

That said: I think we shall think of a multitude of ways to attract music minded people to Steem. Since Steem is about blogging type of socialnetworks (in my opinion at least) I prefer to use the Steem blockchain for writeups of any kind, preferably personal writeups (sharing experiences, introducing music favourites, all with personal touch), not the history of some artist of which we see quite few Steemians creating on a daily bases.

The execution must involve a team, we cant let it to be handled by anybody; It'll die soon then. We simply do not have a lot of traction in music, as well as blockchain hence this team needs to make an effort to constantly fuel whatever that team likes to achieve.

I'm open to discuss various options; When we can gather enough users who like to contribute within such team, I'm open to become active member as well.

Lets gather at eg Discord and take it further there? We can use my own server, or you can propose one yourself. My Discord server:

Fab idea - the approach and thoughts make totally sense - happy to get involved in discussions. From May onwards I might really have a bit more time. Great to have you here @qsounds @edje

Hey @musicgeek,
May I please ask you what do you mean by party events ? announcing gigs which we are going to attend, creating a "blockchain party" in comment section or actually hosting our own version of steem fest ?

Mainly creating a "blockchain party" in comments - own steem fest is a great one though

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