German Techno Dance Weekend

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Techno Dance for the Weekend

Fellow Electronic Music addicts - today Yakooza Dj Wag is in da house with two great tracks: Man On The Moon and Cocaine. The guy behind is Uwe Wagenknecht - a fellow German DJ.

A major thanks again to @neutronenkind for inventing the #WorldofTechno. This awesome Music Lover created the World of Techno map which I hope he will update again! Check his announcement post here and follow him and his work - he was not active recently so I hope some mentions and encouragement bring him back to the community.

Together we also created Techno Friday which means almost all days are covered now in the Dance Music space. Current daily music tags are:

Music community is also still alive - a new tribe is in the making as well!

What I really like is the remaining and new people that cover music and that I can jump from day to day, from account to account and find excellent music posts. I still see many different music stuff e.g.:

  • Music lovers sing well-known songs
  • Music lovers play well-known songs
  • Music lovers sing AND play well-known songs
  • Music lovers sing own composed songs
  • Music lovers sing AND play own songs
  • Music lovers dance to all kinds of songs
  • Music lovers play and mix all kinds of songs
  • Music lovers show what they produced
  • Music lovers show as the process when they produce and mix
  • Music lovers simply show what music and dance they like

I could add much more - I could add any music genre people contribute to - I could also separate the community by saying this music is good, while another music style or activity is worth less - not doing this as I see (boring - I repeat myself) Music Building Bridges!

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All Time Classics <3

Die Tribe Sache klingt spannend, mit dem Techno friday hab ich demnächst denn ja auch n passenden Tag für den ein oder anderen Video Upload ☺️👌

Grüße Meiner

Genau, obwohl man langsam den Überblick verliert :-) - bin gespannt was da noch kommt und sich die einzelnen Tribes entwickeln.

@uwelang, Man On The Moon reminded me one line as Crypto On The Moon. 👍

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