Curators got 10,000 DBLOG POWER delegation. About ABUSE and MUTE, and finally AIRDROP!

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New dblog curators

In the last post, we announced that was looking for more curators. There were 8 applications and 6 were selected as new curators. Each got 10,000 DBLOG POWER delegation from @dblog.partner. This delegation will last until December 31, 2019. If the new curators spread the votes as widely as possible, the delegation will be renewed. The newly selected curators are:

@pharm.steemit @bluengel @uyobong @leeyh2 @cabinet24 @htliao

Thank you for being part of

Abuse and Mute

About the community guideline, you might want to look at this post.

One more issue is Plagiarism. If the team finds more than 3 attempts of plagiarism by one blogger, the blogger will be muted by @dblogger. If an account is muted by @dblogger, any post by that account will not be shown on and the account can use DBLOG POWER on In fact, @dblogger already muted a number of accounts on


Yes! There will be DBLOG airdrop in a week.

So, who will be eligible for DBLOG airdrop? The airdrop will be limited to DBLOG holders. If you stake a certain amount of DBLOG on your account, there is the possibility of your getting DBLOG airdrop.

The snapshot will be taken at some point on November 10, 2019, this coming Sunday. After the snapshot, the airdrop will take place in 3 days. So, why "a certain amount" & "the possibility"? For now, we can say that staking 1,000 DBLOG might be the minimum requirement for the DBLOG airdrop. And the airdrop will be done in staked power.

Where does DBLOG airdrop fund from? Dblog team has a few accounts for operation; @dblogger, @dblogbasicincome, @dblog.supporter, @dblog.partner,, and @dblog.bene. All of these are created to ensure a fairer distribution of DBLOG token in the long term. And all of these accounts have earned quite a lot of DBLOG tokens from curation and staking rewards. Now, the team wants to give back the tokens to the community to make this community healthier and stronger.

So, be ready for the DBLOG airdrop!

Don't forget to use the tag #dblog when you post on Steem blockchain!

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didn't knew about this i have joined it today em i legible for the airdrop ? :(

As the post says, you might need to stake more than 1000 dblog to be eligible for the airdrop.

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Thanks for your awesomeness about the dblog tribe. I see great feats ahead. I have to stake Moe dblog Tokens to maximize this airdrop. Thanks for the selection as curator.

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dblog seems to be very similar to ulogs, so it seems that you are in a great position to upvote daily bloggers. Great for you. Keep steeming!

Thanks for being part of it!

Weldone boss, am grateful.

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Hello @dblogger and @dblogbasicincome Love using your Tag and looking forward to the airdrop!! Also letting you know that I now have more then 187.48 DBLOD Staked so I can now start receiving support and upvotes from @dblog.supporter ! Which is awesome, keep up the great work, you guys rock!! Upped 100% and resteemed 👍❤😍
You can check out my latest posting in dblog here, thanks!!

Now, you are on the voting list. If your posts contain more than 400 words, then your posts will be upvoted on a daily basis. There has been a change in the word count to ensure that high-quality posts are rewarded more on

Ok thanks!! Anything over 200 words is not spam, Most people do not have time to post 400 word posts, but thats fine, occasionally I do when I add recipes and will look forward to your upvote! Also Lengthy posts of 400 words are not always quality posts, most people have no time to read these days, you should be looking for Quality not Quantity. IMHO . ❤👍

This is the post I just wrote. I didn't count the words, but the post got upvoted by @dblog.supporter. You might have some ideas by looking at this post.

I agree that you are saying "Also Lengthy posts of 400 words are not always quality posts." I made a point about that in the post above.

That's fine, it's up to them to upvote whatever they want. I'm just saying 200 words and up is plenty to get non spammy Good Quality Posts, that's all. Thanks for replying back @dblogger .👍 I checked out your link.

..awesome project, sounds great!..looking forward to see more, thank you..up..follow you..


Helo Dbloggers. First of all, I will like to congratulate the curators chosen. And will also commend your good works. I would like to put to your notice that I just staked over 1800 dblog tokens and I look forward to getting more supports from dblog.supporters and dblog entirely.

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Yes, now you are on the list. Make sure to write a long post(at least 400 words) to get upvotes from @dblog.supporter.

This is a good news. I appreciate your efforts. However, I don't have much dblog tokens.

If you stake, you can get support from @dblogbasicincome. If you stake 100 DBLOG and write a lengthy post, you get support from @dblog.supporter.

Congratulations to all who have been selected. Wish you all best of luck.

Congrats to all curators.
Spread the words and make #dblog
the best out there.
Stay put!

dblog logo w white background.jpg
This post is upvoted by @dblog.supporter.
Visit now! This is a tribe for all bloggers on Steem blockchain.

Thank you for selecting me as a curator, I hope to see Dblog community grow and Better. Thank you so much for the opportunity given to me.

What are the guide lines for a curator? Are you still accepting applications?

The application is finished.

thank you for giving me an honor to be a dblog curator. I will do my best.

Thanks for being part of it!

Congratulations @dblogger!
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GodSpeed ! @dblogger 💙

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Thanks always.:)

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