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@dblog.supporter currently...

holds 100K DBLOG POWER and 2.2K SP. How does it work? If a blogger holds more than 100 DBLOG POWER and writes a post containing more than 200 words, @dblog.supporter will upvote the post with 30% of the upvoting weight on a daily basis. Currently, the minimum requirement of staking is 100 DBLOG, but it will keep going up as time goes. And the word requirement, too.

In a day, there will be 10K SP delegation to @dblog.supporter. So, the posts upvoted by @dblog.supporter will be rewarded with more STEEM. It is not a huge SP, but the team will be working to stake more SP on @dblog.supporter to ensure that high-quality posts(more than 200 words) will be rewarded more on dblog.io.

So, if you already staked more than 100 DBLOG POWER but your posts do not get upvoted by @dblog.supporter, please comment on any post by @dblogger. It will be handled.

현재 @dblog.supporter는...

10만 DBLOG POWER와 2,200 SP를 보유 중입니다. 100 DBLOG POWER를 스테이크하고, 200단어 이상의 포스팅을 하시면, @dblog.supporter가 30%의 보팅 웨이트로 하루에 한 번 업보팅을 합니다. 현재 기본 스테이킹 요구는 100 DBLOG 이지만 앞으로 더 상향될 예정입니다. 또한 단어 수에 대한 요구도 상향될 수 있습니다.

하루 안에 @dblog.supporter 계정에 1만 스파를 임대할 예정입니다. 이 계정에 의해 업보팅을 받는 글들은 더 많은 STEEM 보상을 받게 될 것입니다. 물론 많은 SP는 아니지만, 디블로그 팀은 앞으로 @dblog.supporter 계정에 더 많은 SP를 스테이킹해서 dblog.io에 있는 좋은 글을 지원하도록 하겠습니다.

만약 100 DBLOG를 스테이킹하고, 장문의 포스팅을 하는데도 @dblog.supporter에게 업보팅을 받지 못한다면, @dblogger가 쓴 글에 댓글을 달아 알려주세요. 빠르게 처리하도록 하겠습니다.

Don't forget to use the tag #dblog when you post on Steem blockchain!

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Hello @dblogger, I would like the opportunity to chat with you about a potential partnership between the HoboDAO project and the DBlog project.

Here is how discord server:


Feel free to DM the member "hobofund"

Thanks for the opportunity. I got in the discord server, but don't know who to connect. If you want to chat with me, use my id: rokyupjung#2191.

Can I write it in Chinese language?
And I just delegate 10K DBlog to @dblog.supporter

This is my today post for newbies:

sure, go ahead! Thanks.

Thank you!

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Btw it is @dblog.supporter, not @dblog.supports! I checked that you did that to the latter. But there is no such an account. :) and you dont have to delegate to @dblog.supporter.

Hahaha, Yes I was delegated to wrong account. I was undelegated already.
And also to @dblog.suppprter.

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Thank you. The team will try to make your support meaningful!

guys had discord server?

not yet. I sent you a message on discord long ago. Did you see that?

I don't remember o:

that was a direct message. I will send it again in a few days. :)

Now, it is fixed. Sorry for the delay. You will be upvoted!

I have staked the DBLOG token since two days ago. :)

Now, it is fixed. Sorry for the delay. You will be upvoted!

Thank you 🙏

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I have some dblog staked too but @dblog.supporter did not visit my post. Even at times, i use the interface to past my write up.

Now, it is fixed. Sorry for the delay. You will be upvoted!

Congratulations @dblogger!
Your post was mentioned in the Steem Hit Parade for newcomers in the following category:

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Congratulations @dblogger! You have completed the following achievement on the Steem blockchain and have been rewarded with new badge(s) :

You got more than 10 replies. Your next target is to reach 50 replies.

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Vote for @Steemitboard as a witness to get one more award and increased upvotes!

@dblogger, Looks like you are coming up strong to support this Ecosystem. Good wishes from my side and keep doing the good work. Stay blessed.

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Thanks, buddy!

Welcome. 🙂

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  ·  last year (edited)

Wow... That's great!

I started using the #dblog tag recently and I hope to be recognized by you (@dblogger and community) for the quality of what I write.

See ya.

Who doesn't know your high-quality posts on steem blockchain?! One thing to be sure is to stake at least 100 DBLOG on your account, then @dblogbasicincome and @dblog.supporter will upvote your content on a daily basis!

  ·  last year (edited)

Who doesn't know your high-quality posts on steem blockchain?!

Thanks for the compliment, @dblogger. I think they are not well recognized because in many of my posts I don't get a good reward (and I don't get as many interactions / comments). But I don't give up and I'm still here, haha!

One thing to be sure is to stake at least 100 DBLOG on your account...

Before I had not made any stake, but right now I put 500 of my DBLOG cryptos in stake. That would be the reason why @dblogbasicincome and @ dblog.supporter accounts don't give me upvotes?

That is right. From now your posts will be upvoted by those accounts.


Should I use the #dblog tag only in my English posts? I am asking this because I write in Portuguese and Spanish as well (something I didn't do before, but I'm getting used to doing it... when it's relevant).

please use #dblog tag whenever you post. dblog is not an english-only blog platform. We welcome all languages around the world!

From now on I'll use it. ;)

dblog 화이팅입니다.

감사합니다. 형님~

Great way to keep us all in the positive and great engagement.
I am all in with #dblog

Thanks a lot for being part of it!

멋집니당~^^ 💙
스팀 선순환을 위하여~!

항상 행복한 💙 오늘 보내셔용~^^

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I was stake 2 days ago but didn't get the support

I checked. Your post are set to be supported by @dblogbasicincome and @dblog.supporter. Your posts are already upvoted by @dblogbasicincome only by your staking DBLOG. To be upvoted by @dblog.supporter, your post must contain more than 200 words for now. This minimum requirement of word counts will be increased in the near future. @dblog.supporter is designed to reward the bloggers' effort and time.