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El Callao is a city located northwest of Ciudad Bolivar Venezuela, it is one of the mining populations of Venezuela where there are large gold reserves ..
From ancient times in this town immigrants from different parts of the world gathered attracted by their great wealth.
especially from Trinidad and Tobago.

This group of Trinitarian emigrants spread some of their customs and musical traditions in Venezuela making them popular until today.

It is the calypso: This musical style derives from ska, rocksteady, reggae, raggamuffin, soca this rhythm is sung in Spanish and / or Caribbean English.

Main instruments are the bumbac, the rallo, the bell and the Venezuelan Cuatro.

The main characters of these picturesque festivities are: Madamas: He is the most representative and respected character in these festivities. The story goes that these "ladies", translation in Spanish of madamas, were brought to work as teachers in the teaching of English and French, also for the work in the kitchen in the house of the wealthy miners.

Mediopintos or black paint that smear your body with a substance made of ground coal, molasses and water, with which you get a totally black and sticky look.

dancing devils :they represent the magical-religious part of these festivities, they are dressed in white, red, black and yellow colors, covering their heads with large masks with threatening faces that with their contagious dance put those present to dance.

The carnivals of El Callao, in the state of Bolivar, the son of the most recognized in the country, and were declared on December 1, 2016 as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by Unesco.

The founder of the carnivals of El Callao was Isidora Agnes (La Negra Isidora). First they went out in the streets in protest of hard work, then parties were organized for the business.

He was leader of the troupes, characterized by being strict with its members prominent spokeswoman for the feeling of El Callao, He took the calypso to other places in Venezuela, performing in various scenarios. He fought for the rights of Callaoans, and was an emblem.

Through carnival, many people have the perfect opportunity to celebrate the joy of being themselves transmitting countless feelings.


Until a new opportunity friends God bless you.


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Isidora Agnes, sunds like a very strong woman. Interesting, I did not know about her. So Trinidad brought Carnival to Venezuela.

In Jamaica we have the same dancing devils/demons. I think you wrote about it before, it is called Jonkanoo.

He > She was a leader of the troupes, characterized by being strict with its members. She was a prominent spokeswoman for the culture of El Callao, He >She took calypso to other places in Venezuela, performing in various scenarios. He >She fought for the rights of Callaoans, and was an emblem.

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Hello friend I hope you are well if Isidora was the precursor of the carnival in Venezuela, Callao is a mining town of my country sowing that rhythm here in Venezuela, if here in Venezuela especially in callao dancing devils are observed. if I speak of the dancing devils of Jamaica that tradition of Jonkanoo. Starts in December is super fun I will check the post to see if I repeated words greetings friend ..

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Must be a very nice event and she wore a very colorful custume there. Many tourists surely love to witness this event that they have. And what makes it interesting is that the place shows off their ethnicity and culture that they have.

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