Are You Aware that Using #dblog tag in your Posts can earn you DBLOG tokens

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I use this medium to tell all my Steem followers and friends about the tribe on Steem which allows users to earn DBLOG token exchangeable on Steem-engine - Currently, 1 DBLOG is worth 0.0125 STEEM.

The very beautiful thing about is that "All Topics Are Welcomed" as it is built for bloggers. In the words of @rokyupjung:

Since is a community for all bloggers, there is no limitation on the topic acceptable. All topics are welcomed.

You can simple earn DBLOG tokens when you either post via the dblog interface or use the #dblog tags in your Steem posts.

Each time you create a post with at lest 1,000 characters and have a stake of at least 200 DBLOG tokens, then you can receive curation from @dblog.supporter and @dblog.voter.

I'm excited to tell you that I am a #dblog curator with over 27k stake of dblog tokens. I will be glad to curate your quality #dblog blogs. YOu may consider dropping a link to one on the comments section of this post.

Do have a blast!

More about Dblog:

Moreover, supports Proof of Traffic (PoT) and Proof of Stake (PoS) in addition to the concept of Proof of Brain (PoB) like any other SCOTBOT.

On top of PoB, wants to reward the posts which attract the most traffic on a daily basis. The traffic data will be analyzed with Google Analytics, and the top three posts that attract most traffic will be upvoted by @dblogger every day. Therefore, the account @dblogger will try to stake just enough DBLOG token to lift the three posts on the trending and will upvote only 3 times a day. will also enable Proof of Stake, which takes up 40 percent of the reward pool. Only by staking DBLOG on your account, you will be able to get DBLOG token. And the profit generated by the value of the content will be returned to the bloggers according to their DBLOG stakes.

This is just the beginning of innovations on the Steem blockchain.

My Commitment on

I have personally staked over 7,100 DBLOG Tokens in addition to 20,000 DBLOG degegated to enable me curate the #dblog tag. Let's get the ball rolling and see how the future turns into.

You may need to know some other awesome Communities I identify with on Steem

@Steemchurch has been a home here with a special trait of sharing love and freedom. This is a vision of @Sirknight who has sacrificed so much to ensure that 100+ users enjoy love curation (at Zero cost) from @Sniffnscurry. The community in the present is administered by a woman with a brave heart @Darlenys01 and we've had several blessings and prosperity being a part of our community. Joining #Steemchurch is FREE.




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Visit now! This is a tribe for all bloggers on Steem blockchain.

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Thank you for this beautiful exposition. I never knew about the 200 dblog token stake. I hope with that I can get reasonable upvotes than I've been getting.

YOu may consider dropping a link to one on the comments section of this post


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Many thanks boss.
You're the man! 💪