Vampire Snowman - DerangedSnowman

Greetings friends this is my participation in the contest promoted by @carlgnash, as there is no snow in my country, I decided to make this drawing in the Inkscape program, called Vampire Snowman, I hope you like it.


This is the elaboration process.





These are the contest rules


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Ha ha this is great! Somehow both cute and creepy, the vampire snowman flies around bringing cheer and dread at the same time LOL Don't forget to share your entry post to external social media using hashtags #derangedsnowman and #steemblockchain to claim a bonus 10 Steem prize! If you share to Twitter, make sure to use the #posh tag (Proof Of SHare) for @ocd's POSH initiative... like so. I shared your post to my twitter :)

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Greetings ok okay

Cool if you do share the post on a different social media site just reply with a link and you will claim a bonus prize! Cheers