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Kurzes Intro auf Deutsch - hier ein Projekt aus meiner Music Lieblingsschublade für die Music Community hier - freue mich auf Subscriber und Poster - auch wenn Beta, es macht Spass! Moderatoren werden gerne aufgenommen!

Hier könnt Ihr Euch in der Music Community umschauen

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Techno tonight - feel free to join the Party

Dance Addicts on Steemit - Today I present a pioneering German Trance Project that was very popular in the community but might not came to a wide public fame given the nature of the Music. I am excited about the new Community features a lot - please consider joining the beta test and create your own community - it is fun!

Drax - Amphetamine (1994)

Ok - who is Drax? There is guy from Germany behind this project called Thomas P. Heckmann. He started doing Techno professionally in 1991 by releasing EXIT 100 - Liquid. Originally he got into the scene after all sorts of electronic music after getting to know the likes of KLF and 808 STATE. So he landed in the new acid and techno styles in 1989.

He had the opportunity to work on some Techno stuff in the UK and was a real pioneer producer in Germany. Some of his projects did include to release new acid styles in the likeness of Underground Resistance and +8 in Germany with his other projects on Force Inc - Age and Skydiver. He launched his own music label in 1993 called TROPE RECORDINGS with his first release under his most successful project DRAX - here we go the awesome tune again!

It was reported the label did invent new styles, sounds and record-formats. It became a leading Techno label in Germany. In 1994 he started another new label called Acid Fucker Unite (A.F.U) lol - this guy is really cool Steemians!

First chart breaker here was "Drax Ltd. II - Amphetamine" which was an immense crossover hit - acid house techno - hard to categorise (check here two versions). After that even more sounds, styles and labels were born because of him but that might be too long to read all! Thomas still is DJ-ing - a great innovative personality if I may judge that.

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Very good work guy !!!

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