Does anyone else sometimes get 2 cycles of sleep instead of 1 in one day?

in diary •  6 months ago 

  • If I sleep 4 hours and wake up, I'm not as sleepy as if I slept 3 hours or 5 hours.
  • If I sleep 4h, I can wake up normally as if I had slept 8h, but then I get really sleepy really soon, like 5 to 10h later.
  • If I go to sleep as soon as I'm sleepy, I will sleep almost exactly 4h, the same time as the previous cycle. I need to wait until a normal day cycle has passed in order to sleep.

So, the way I use this, is that if I need to do something important early next day and I'm in a sleep-in-the-morning cycle, I put the alarm clock at 4h 30m later and go to sleep (by the time I fall asleep, around 15-20m will have passed). The next day, I wake up not really sleepy, maybe a little fatigued but able to pay attention. Then, I don't sleep during the day when I'm sleepy, but I go to sleep in the night. If I sleep during the day when I'm sleepy, I will sleep 4h, then 4h, then 4h, etc., until I correct the sleep schedule by waiting a full day cycle (15-17h) awake before going to sleep next time.

And even then, if I slept 4h recently, there is a much higher probability that I will wake up in the early morning when the sky is dark, look at my watch and realise that I've slept 4h. My body thinks that a 4h sleep is equivalent in value to an 8h sleep and wakes up and doesn't let me sleep until around 7h later.

Today I did this, slept at 4 am, woke up at 8 am, and now I fear for my future weeks, possibly filled with half-cycles, short sleeps and a lot of fatigue.

So, does anyone else experience this?

I've read it's called "bi-phasic sleep".

Here's a weird little article that I don't like too much because it promotes something that makes me fatigued and a little sick :P But then again, people are always different. Perhaps I'm just the odd one out and it's actually good for most people.
Humans Used to Sleep in Two Shifts, And Maybe We Should Do It Again

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Sleep cycles usually last around 90 minutes. So best sleep total duration per session is a multiple of 90 min: 3hrs, 4.5hrs, 6hrs, 7.5hrs. Knowing that you can adjust alarms.

I didn't know this. It makes sense, and it's also very much how things work for me. I usually wake up at those times, not refreshed, but also not very sleepy. If I wake up at like 1 hour only, I'm bad, or 2 hours, but it makes sense because I've noticed some times at which I can wake up.

However, for me it's not 4.5h but 4h most of the time. Exactly. Sometimes I go to sleep at like 11:45 and I wake up at exactly 3:45, not feeling refreshed, but very not-sleepy, and I can't sleep until a few hours later. If I go to sleep 3 hours later, for example, my body doesn't interpret it as 2x4h but as a complete cycle. Strange bodies!

For a few nights I am waking up almost every night around 4-5 AM, that's about four hours, and I feel like I am not tired, but haven't tried on doing anything at that hour to see if I would get sleepy after seven or eight hours. I guess you have to sum up about eight hours in one day of sleep, but you don't have to have them all at once.

Yeah, could be, it's very strange. Maybe the body divides and does some weird math in order to decide when to be sleepy again, calculating the frequency at which it would need to sleep at the length you've slept, lol, so if 1.5, 6 times, etc. hahaha. Dunno, crazy! Hope I don't become narcoleptic by experimenting with my sleep.

To the question in your title, my Magic 8-Ball says:

Yes definitely

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I totally gave up on analyses on my sleep.
When I was in the beginning, end of my twenties, I was very sleep focused. I got anxious when I did not go to bed in the evening "early enough", so as not to feel tired during my working day - which was back then a regular 40 hour week. When something disturbed my evening routine, I panicked and then, as a result, I could not sleep. The more hours went by the less I was able to relax. In the late night or early morning, when I finally fell asleep, I did that with the regreting thought that I will regret it when I will wake up. Even when I got five to six hours of sleep. I felt horrible, tired, moody.

This went on til the phase of my life I gave up on a regular schedule. I start working late and at different hours, best of it: less hours. Actually, I changed the concept of my life and how I relate to being alive.

I do not care when I go to bed. Often I even do not follow the clock. If I wake up during night, I wake up. No worries. If I am awake at 1 o clock, it doesn't bother me any more. Best is not thinking about sleep at all, while having a really good nights rest for the majority of times. The less I pay attention the better I take care. As a result I have kind of a natural rhythm, which doesn't change a lot.

This does not answer your question but I feel that it's a good topic to add some experience which others know about or suffer from.