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Musicgeek and the new Music Community

Communities are here on Steem - this is a "Hivemind Music Community Test Post" to check some details. Great to see this develops into something great. Fingers crossed testing is completed soon and we all can enjoy communities here.

In terms of Disco I often mix a lot of different styles - which is fine I assume - as Techno as well as Hip Hop is music that can be played in these clubs called Disco(theque). This Disco Tuesday gives me the only opportunity to go real mainstream with my music post.

One of the hottest songs of summer in the last decades is from this lovely girl Alexandra Stan - it was a Mega Chart Breaker in its year of publishing and even now a very popular summer dance song. It took me 2 years to find out that it was a production from Romania.

Mr. Saxobeat...

Was the breakthrough of Miss Stan of course - see what Wikipedia reports below:

"Mr. Saxobeat" is a song by Romanian singer Alexandra Stan, released on 28 January 2011 by Ego Records as the second single from her debut studio album, Saxobeats (2011). The track was written and produced by Marcel Prodan and Andrei Nemirschi, and was recorded at their Maan Studio. Musically, "Mr. Saxobeat" is a Eurodance and dance-pop song, with its instrumentation consisting of synths, techno beats, saxophone and horn. The lyrics echo the singer's vision of a perfect man; her vocal delivery has been likened to Barbadian singer Rihanna by a music critic.

Reviewers were positive towards the recording, with them praising its catchiness, the saxophone sequences and Stan's voice. "Mr. Saxobeat" received award nominations at the 2011 Romanian Music Awards and Los Premios 40 Principales 2011, as well as at the 2012 Echo Music Prize. Commercially, it became the singer's breakthrough single, reaching the top ten of the charts in more than 20 countries and being awarded various certifications. As of June 2013, the track sold almost one million units worldwide in less than a year.

For promotion, an accompanying music video was shot by Iulian Moga in Buftea, Romania. Uploaded on YouTube on 14 November 2010, it depicts Stan and two friends being arrested, interviewed by the police, put in jail and then escaping from the station. The singer performed the track on multiple occasions, and it was covered by artists such as Selena Gomez & the Scene and Omega. "Mr. Saxobeat" was also featured on television series and on video games Dance Central 3 and Just Dance 4.

But - there was more - she is not a one hit wonder at all

Check more of this lovely girl with a nice appearance, voice - a lady that went through negative times as well! A lady I admire! Like I admire many folks I met from Romania! Next one with other Romanian superstar Inna - followed by other mega projects:

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Owww nice, you're launching a music community?

The community has been created yes! Not sure how it will be accepted or what happens after Beta testing but Yes. Trying and testing - hope it will be cool. Will make you mod or admin here, lemme check how.

Owww, cool! Let me know if it succeeded.

You are a mod there as well as @edje - you have to access this link:

Owww ok cool, sorry for the later response. I just logged in and tried to figure out what is possible. Maybe its just me, but a mod is not able to do more than writing a post from the community account and pin posts? Or am I missing something? I was soooo hoping for some big mute and delete buttons but I suppose this can be controlled by controlling the memberlist :)

So excited for the new changes to go live!!! I watched the demo and it looks awesome!

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I love music. I would love to be a part of it

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