Musicgeek joins CreativeCoin - Today is Disco Tuesday

in discotuesday •  11 months ago 

Exciting to see this Tribe moving up

Glad I finally could help and support music lovers via a creative tribe. I introduced my DiscoTuesday over one year ago to the Steem Blockchain with more or less success. I also was launching other initiatives in the Dance Music field as well as on writing content about different music styles across the world called #musicworld - I have confidence this tribe here could become my new home!

Tuesday needed a Music Topic

So - here comes Disco Tuesday - open for all the lovely Disco Songs you might want to share with the community - That can be all music played in any discotheque around your countries. No limitation for styles at all - so this can include anything you are dancing to in a club no matter which genre.

Ideally choose some cool Disco sounds you like to dance in the clubs around you - can be also tunes from the styles above but would love to see diversity. I am starting with two awesome Disco Tracks - that even include the DISCO title in the name of their songs.

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what about this 1?

and here a great techno remix

YEAH - this is awesome, both version buddy! You should hover to creativecoin my friend

creative tribe just got more creative and stylish with this one

Thanks, that sounds nice buddy!