#WeekendCooking - Home-cooked Shabu-Shabu Dinner

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All photos featured are from my collection. Dinner is served.

When I was younger, I wasn't very handy around the house. I suppose that's because my mom was a working mom, and we grew up with household help. A lot has changed over the years, especially now that I'm running the household. I guess I have outgrown my dislike for most household chores. However, I do keep a tight schedule on a daily basis. I have and am still learning the art of managing my time. That is why I could only do my cooking experiments during the weekend.


This is an electric cooking pan that my daughter received as a gift two Christmases ago. We have yet to use it. I decided to clean it up and use it for my home-cooked shabu-shabu dinner.


Before I try cooking a new dish, I would usually do my research online for ideal recipes and watch videos on how to go about the process. Then I would check whatever ingredients we have on hand. I always start from what is available then come up with my own recipe.


Some of the ingredients I used for this meal were noodles, mushrooms, fishballs, vegetables (Taiwan pechay), pork cube seasoning, onions, and garlic. For this cooking experiment, Mom did help me with slicing the onion and garlic. I actually prefer them minced, but hey, who am I to complain since I did get some extra help, right? LOL!


It was my first time to use the electric pan. It was also the first time that I would be making home-cooked shabu-shabu. I had to play it by ear in terms of the length of cooking time and the average heat from this pan. With this type of pan, the water doesn't really boil, but it does get hot. The onion and garlic were the first to be added. I waited around two minutes or so before adding the fishballs. I wanted them to be cooked thoroughly, so I added them first.


Some five minutes later, I added the mushrooms. These mushrooms are the canned variety. I bought them for my experimental salad but forgot, so I used them for this meal instead.


I added the ingredients one by one, allotting a few minutes in between for cooking. The noodles were added next and cooked first before adding the veggies for the final touch.


I covered the pan and waited some five to ten minutes before turning the electric pan off. The thing with this type of pan is, you can simply bring it on the table for serving. The outcome of the dish is the photo on the cover. It was a success! Not bad for a first try. I will surely be working on improving the recipe for next time. I'm happy that we all enjoyed our weekend dinner.

Happy weekend to all! ^_^

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That home shabu shabu thing looks like a great idea. First time I tried shabu shabu was in a restaurant and I didn't know what I was doing. I just kept dumping stuff in the soup.

LOL! I think that's the idea 😁😁😁

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This might be your first time but I think it ended well. I'm from Philippines so this kind of food is familiar to me. Although I haven't tried eating it. Good and informative post..

Yup I'm glad it turned out well. 😊😊 at least now I don't need to go to a resto to enjoy shabu-shabu 😁😁

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How strange it is reflecting back I have never tried cooking in any electrical slow cooker, frying pan or chip maker which many of my friends and family use.

Pots and pans, some favourites others for particular cooking like the wok, prefer working with gas burners on top and electricity oven, I know perhaps it is implements we are used to.

Looks like a nice meal to enjoy.

I simply had to try and use the electric pan. It's been sitting on storage for a while. I guess I wanted to put it to good use. 😊😊 we're happy with the finished product 😋😋 thanks for dropping by

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That looks like such SUPER comfort food!!!!! YUM!!

It was surprisingly yummy! 😋😋 for sure we'll be enjoying more home cooked dinners 😊😊

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That is the best way to go!!! Home cooked I mean :D

This looks like it would be great to have on a cold day!

It's perfect for cold days 😋😋 yummy!

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very good eat Cooking food, thank your diy share.

Thank you so much for the tokens you bring 😁😁 !trdo

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I've never had shabu-shabu, sounds like real comfort food!

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That dish looks fantastic, @iamraincrystal! That’s neat that you research and test out recipes. I’m sure you are building a nice repertoire of dishes you know how to make. Do you like the electric pan as much as your regular pans?

I haven't had shabu shabu but this looks delicious @iamraincrystal :) I'm sure the family was quite pleased!

What is that pan , is it like a Electric pressure Cooker ?

The dish looks delicious. I see you didn't use a lot of salt, which is good. I've never heard of pork cube seasoning. It looks like almost a kind of soup. And I like soup.

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!giphy thank you

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Eso se ve genial. Me gusta el célery. Le da un gusto diferente a la comida.

Simply delicious and healthy

It looks really good!

Well done and I am sure that you will have more great successes with that pan my friend!

Nice you got to put the electric frying pan to use. Meal looks good!

Nice you got to put
The electric frying pan
To use. Meal looks good!

                 - redheadpei

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Thanks @haikubot. I see you are on your toes! 😂

That looks like a great idea! Thanks for sharing this with us. May you have a great week ahead

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Wow! Thank you so much 😊😊😊

!giphy thank you

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Thank you so much! 😍😍

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That looks like this was a winner! I haven't had shabu shabu in a very long time, but, I remember the comforting feel of good food! That is what I remember best! And it was the first time I had fishballs!

It looks wonderful and I think you did a great job! Yes! Home cooking is best cooking to me. For the most part. :)

Great job! I look forward to seeing more of your meals!

Have a great day!


All these food posts are making me hungry @iamraincrystal 😋


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That looks really tasty. I bet you're glad you tried it out!