LeBron James rips Daryl Morey over NBA's China controversy

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The NBA is stuck in the middle of the China-Hong Kong controversy.  Daryl Morey threw the league there with his tweet voicing his support for the protesters in Hong Kong.

China already cancelled all broadcasts of the Rockets in China.  Due to Yao Ming playing for the Rockets for 8 years, it is the most popular team in China.  Morey might have damaged that relationship beyond repair.

Lebron James took to the mic calling Morey "uneducated".  While James supported freedom of speech, he rightly pointed out that these things do have consequences.

Morey's moves cost the NBA millions and might force the salary cap down next year.  This will also cost the players a great deal as many teams will not be able to make moves in free agency.

I just wonder how educated James is on this matter.  And does he support his words across all viewpoints or just his?

Or could it be that James is in the position of having to answer questions while physically in China and is having to try and appease things?

Whatever it is, Morey created a mess.

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