Nats' Dave Martinez ejected after arguing controversial call in 7th

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Instant replay made manager arguments mostly a thing of the past.  Gone are the days when guys like Earl Weaver would lost it with an umpire.  Who can forget Lou Pinella ripping bases out when he went batty on the umps?

Since the final decision is made elsewhere, when a ruling goes against a manager, he has to simply accept it.  Yelling at the guy in front of him is useless since he was overruled by the crew in the booth.

This is on calls that up for review.

Dave Martinez managed to get himself kicked out of Game 6.  On a slow roller, Trea Turner was called out for runner's interference, a play that cannot be reviewed.  It negated a nice 2nd and 3rd situation for the Nationals.  

It did little to change the outcome since the Nats went on to win 7-2.

Fans were able to see some good old fashioned managing in Game 6.  

Earl Weaver and Bobby Cox would be proud.

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