Sources -- Adam Silver had tense meeting with Lakers, Nets players in China

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It really sucks when politics enters sports.  The situation with China is a mess on many fronts.  The U.S. and China are engaged in a trade war while China has issues with Hong Kong.  Many are protesting on that island with China looking at a response.

Much of this would not be an issue if Houston GM Daryl Morey did not tweet his support of those protesters in Hong Kong.  Whatever his feelings are, it is an issue for a league that is starting to get a foothold in that country.

The tweet could cost the players millions.  Reports are the salary cap is going to go down, for the first time in years due to a loss of Chinese revenue.

To top it all off, The Lakers and Nets players are upset at having to answer questions from the Chinese media about the subject before the Commissioner, himself, stepped foot in the country.  

Basketball is becoming a big sport over there.  Perhaps the NBA could smooth things over by giving Jeremy Lin a job.

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