AFL admits blunder after awarding match-winning free kickk

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In the match between Brisbane and North Melbourne over the weekend, 2 late goals won the match for the Lions. However, this may not have been the case if an umpiring decision changed. The AFL has admitted a crucial late free kick shouldn't have been paid to Brisbane big man Oscar McInerney. With 70 seconds left, Scott Thompson marked the ball, but was judged to have infringed and McInerney was awarded the free kick, which he slotted for a goal. If Scott Thompson’s mark was awarded, things may have turned out differently. However, all credit to the Lions, as they are the most improved side in 2019 and they were certainly very impressive once again and deserve their win despite the controversy.

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Glad to see that other sports have shitty refs too

lol. Yep it’s the same with all sports. :)

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Referee should always be careful

I was at this game. There were a number of bad decisions throughout the game. There was a free awarded to the Kangaroos against the Lions about 30 seconds before this one that gifted them a goal that was just as bad. So really these two decisions cancelled each other out.