Chelsea transfer rumours rated: Edinson Cavani loan, Olivier Giroud rethink, Ben Chilwell delay

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Chelsea has been linked with a host of players in Europe in this current transfer window round and have only sign a 16 years old striker (Bryan) from Tromso. Abraham injury open door for Chelsea to finally hastings up to sign a good striker in the current transfer window. 

Chelsea versus Arsenal 2-2 draw was a bad result judging from the fact that David Luiz made a big mistake in the box and was red carded with a penalty which Joginho converted in style. The first penalty that a keeper will follow but not able to save the goal. The Premier League is a competitive league and one of the best in the world and their are no smaller team. 

Anyone can beat anyone. The story so far here at home has not been palatable this season. Teams with 11 have defended here like that and we’ve had problems, then with 10 against Arsenal it is understandable, I think they defended their box well. I would say that it is the story of creating a lot, not unbelievable chances, but that can be the way. 

Chelsea needs the right kind of tactics and style that can break down packed boxes in the future. Newcastle came will defensive attitude and won, Westham, Everton etc. But at this level when balls are coming across the box, and crosses, whether it be headers, shots inside the box, we need to take them more because one goal always keeps a team in the game. I don’t like too many stats on expected goals because it is not all that clear at times, but we are bottom of the league at home, and we’re creating second to probably Liverpool. That is two ends of the scale of where we’re at.

Chelsea should have won comfortably but the only thing that made the difference is inexperienced team. I feel Abraham should have stayed down when he was obviously foul but he was quick to get back on his feet which in turn made the goal happen. Kepa need to be seriously considered placing on the bench for a while so that he can learn from other goal keepers in the Premier League. 

Read more of the players the club has been link with this year from the link below. 

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