Fikayo Tomori hopes to continue Chelsea’s great history in FA Cup

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Fikayo Tomori hopes to continue Chelsea tradition of winning the FA rounds all the way to the final. He score in the last night match, the goal that kept them in the game and a place in the next round. We were pretty solid at the back but short of fire power upfront wasting some good chances. Pretty solid in the first half and read any danger well. Didn't give Hull anything of a chance throughout the opening moments. A couple of difficult moments in the second half, mixing-up and lack of communication with Zouma. But I think they got better along the line. However, he was really solid under pressure and took his goal well with a neat finish.

Furthermore, We had chances to score, and when we had those chances and played some nice passages, tiredness and we got sloppy. Football is a game of luck and tactics but tactics. At half-time I wasn’t delighted and then Hull really gave us a tough game in the second half. If you’re not going to take those chances when you can, then it can remain tough until the 94th minute, which it did. Whilst I’m not delighted with the performance, which is partly because of the last couple of games, I also understand the toughness of these games. I’ve played in them and sometimes sneaked through when we didn’t deserve to, or it was a real mess and we got through. They’re not easy games and I respect what Hull did to us today replied Lampard. 

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