Match report: Late Firmino winner sees Reds beat Wolves - Liverpool FC

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Truth be told, this is one of the toughest fixture awaiting Liverpool fc. We all know that Wolverhampton fc are one of the best team in the English premier league. They have proven that by showing what they are made up of, they are one team that can surprise you any time, any day. Check the English premier league record very well, you will see that Wolverhampton fc is one team that can upset any big team out there, no wonder they are sitting on 7th position with 34 point, same point with Tottenham hospur and Manchester united.



With this their decent record, I was feeling so scared for my team, Liverpool fc. I know how Liverpool fc managed to win them at Anfield and I must say, deep down inside me, I was aready afraid of the match, I just have to predict it that the match will end draw. The reason I stated that was because I know that it is the home spoil of Wolverhampton Fc, they will do anything within their reach to defeat Liverpoo fc or secure a draw. Liverpool fc on the part, I know they will love to fight to keep their 100% run going, with that in place, they will love to win or secure draw.

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The match started well, it was Liverpool fc that got the first goal through the service of Henderson. Liverpool fc missed more and more chances, through Mohammed Salah. The worst happened during the encounter, it was Sadio Mane that got injured and replaced by Minamino. The first half ended 1 nil in favour of Liverpool fc. Now we up and running, it is time for second half, Wolverhampton Fc responded fast as they equalised. At this point, I was now afraid, but the champions turned it around aa Roberto Firmino scored to make it 2 vs 1.

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That seals it all for Liverpool fc. The match finally end 2 vs 1 in favour of the reds.

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