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If we continue to demonise men and continue to give in to the undeserved demands for free stuff from women for another 208 years then there won't be a society any more.

We will have gone down the road of John B. Calhoun's beautiful one.

And it won't even take 208 years. I won't give western society more the 20.8 years.

Don't watch this. Watch @DrRandomercam instead:

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What is this "society" thing you are talking about?

There are two groups running around shouting violence
and now, doing violence without the society telling them to stop it.

One of these groups dresses all in black with masks
and the other wears masks of "women".

Both have called for, and enacted death upon white men.

Either society is waiting for this bad joke to blow over
or there is no society left.

The western society which is soon dead.

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