Double Rainbow!!!

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I saw the hit internet video a while back. I lived some 36 years not even knowing double rainbows were a thing (mandela effect?). Then I saw the viral one. Today I saw a real one! Very cool.

double rainbow.JPG

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LOL! Your face!

I love it. 😍

We get hella (actual measurement) double rainbows around here. ... Like, often... which is weird being in the desert... But I suppose it almost rains quite a bite... enough for a rainbow ... or two. 🌈🌈

I wish we had that face as an emoji

Aggy Oooooh.png

Wish granted. Emoji Added.

Awesome!!! 🤘😝

that's haunting

Did you chase it and find 2 pots of gold?? 😂😂😂

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With my eyes, all rainbows are double rainbows.

That is a sign brotha! Splinterlands is about to cross a new horizon!!

It is a beautiful show!
see the refraction of sunlight by the action of raindrops.
Two rainbows occur when the cloudiness is so thick almost 100% and the sun's rays escape as two almost independent sources of light, capable of decomposing into two visible spectra side by side.
You have managed to capture a great image, congratulations, it was a good shot! :)

Upvoted for a casual fun post!

Whoot, maybe it's a sign.


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Clearly at the bottom there are some GFL.... but only if you bring your Lucky Mene Box :)

Omg It’s full on! 😜


lol I think in the original video the guy said, through tears, "what does it mean?" at least that's what my wife thinks he said lmao

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double gold pot?? XD

Not a 20 dollar post

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