How do you feel when things don't go the way we planned? Lets talk

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Hi friends

Welcome to this video and happy weekend to you all.

I had some plans today but due to severe air pollution outside I can't go outside and all my plans are cancelled. It's disturbing but I have another plan in place. Please watch this video and advice if this is the right one.

Thank you so much.

NewSteem on!

Happy D.tubing

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Wow! I had no idea the air quality is both so bad and impactful. I appreciate the opportunity to learn about life in your part of the world, I may never see / know / experience or understand otherwise. I also agree with the point of your video. When things don't go the way I had hoped, it is more often than not because a different path is intended and it's hard to see until you look back and realize you wouldnt be where you ended up if things had gone as planned. this can often be a very good thing. Thanks for the video!

Hi @minerthreat

Yes, because air quality was not good so I cancelled the plan to go outside as it was not healthy however it was good day for me in steem. It surely feels bad when things don't happen the way we planned.
Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend ahead.

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Thank you so much for your support

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it's called climate change. we all need to do our part. it's not someone else's problem we need to be aware of doing out most to tackle climate change, it starts with all of us.

Agreed. We all should do our part to be considerate about plane. If we all work to keep our planet clean then such problems won't happen. Thanks for stopping by.

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i mean a lot of it comes down to education, greed and doing our part, if we can, we should. otherwise it's just words. ya know? if we can minimize our impact on the world around us we can let nature do it's thing better which it's been cycling around for millions of years! :)