Long time no DJ

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After getting back home the twins wanted to go next door and play with their neighbor Sara Chan. So while they played I used my bros Dj equipment and did a little mixing.

I actually like DJing and I learnt to DJ in a club when it just opened up. So while I was learning I was playing for dozens of people. Crazy times. I even played in a Japanese sound system for a while and then private parties in and around Tokyo. The craziest settings were the Brazilian clubs.

As you can see I’m rusty. I think most Jamaicans know their way around turntables somewhat. A cool memory that comes to mind when I DJ-Ed was when I had a gig in Roppongi, Tokyo for a fairly popular singer here. I couldn’t find the venue and asked a group of dudes I saw walking. They were going to the same event so we rolled there together.

When we reached the door the, the guest list cutie with her British accent said, “are they with you?” So I looked at at these three dudes and just said “yes”, getting them free access and VIP to a kinda pricey event. Good times. Yeah it would have been cooler if they were chics 🤣🤣 but hey , glad I could save them some skrilla.

Early Bird Tickets End Feb 29

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You have everything to make a good party with a DJ including ha ha
It looks and sounds pretty good @dmilliz.

Good mix.

Yeah bro, just the bar ready as that’s where the money is lol 🤣

Mr. dmilliz on the wheel of steel. Smooth

Its been so long. Feels good though. You should try DJing.

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