Music Marketing Utilizing The Steem Blockchain & Pre-Saves on Streaming Platforms. [ Spotify/Apple music/Deezer/ Pre-Save Bounty 1 day left ]

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Marketing by Pre-saving songs on streaming platforms and using the Blockchain to incentivize this action.

@urchinsteve and myself recently stumbled upon a genius way to market distributed music on streaming services by utilizing the blockchain.


Streams make up 80% of the music industries revenue. Since January 2019 to the end of December, streaming revenue grew by 26% in the United States alone.

Now, one of the best ways to market a track soon to be released is by getting pre-saves for your song on streaming platforms ( Spotify being the most influential at the moment) When a track is pre-saved on one of the streaming services in noticeable numbers, the algorithm of these platforms picks it up and spreads the song to more people. The curators notice songs with healthy amounts of pre-saves and add them to heavily consumed playlist.

Watch the video to learn more about pre-saving songs on streaming platforms and using the Blockchain to incentivize this action.

Do you use Spotify, Apple Music or Deezer? Pre-Save the song in this post by @urchinsteve, take a screen shot and leave it in the comments of his post to receive 50 JAHM+ in Upvotes ( 1.8 STEEM). The song will be released on January 24th so there is one day left. You will also see examples of how the screenshots should look y checking out the comments on the post. I urge you to take part in this pre-saving task and also to encourage others to do so if they are on these platforms.



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Thank you! I'd love to learn how you guys organize curating so many people. awesome work! Keep it up.

I'm more of a YouTube/ReggaeTube sort of guy but there are probably lots of people I resteemed this to who use those services.

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Same here actually. I will hop on a streaming service now then for a binge. They are very convenient though. And just imagine, the people that do use these services, simply save and listen to a couple songs and they could possibly earn their subscription for the streaming platform while getting introduced to new music.

Could have them earn more for sharing on another sns with a meaningful comment.

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Yup— all my streaming on YouTube (auto-play) and rely on Google’s invasive algorithms to make recommendations. Usually recommends better songs than the other streaming platforms based on my mood, time of day, what’s trending and whatever data google conjures up for the real-time recommendations— even recommends and streams Astro physics documentaries when I’m HAF 😅

With that said, we’ve been monetizing views, likes and subscribers on our own YT channel from the start. This is another good way to do it with pre-saves since ahh it’s “new” 🤷🏽‍♂️ but Imagine if that kept up and we surpassed the 1,000 subscribers to our main channel 🤔— that would be epic and useful in many ways.

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Nice idea... i manage the pre safe from my distribution, right?
Because the song has to be with stores(streaming platforms) already,
but not published..right?

yeah, so if you using CD baby or tunecore they should have options to grab your pre-save links ( CD baby for sure ). So when you set a date like 1 month ahead, the streaming sites gonna keep it on the platform and not release till then, this is where the pre-save links come in handy. There are a number of services, but the one Urchin uses is some Music BOSS tings, owned by universal.

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Ok cool, thanks for di links... will check it.
Ya man, the big companies do some shady business with spotify especially... makes it harder
for the independent artist.
Streaming sending out the impression, that you would have the same chance like big ones...
But nothing changed in Music business here, until now i wouldn't know how to get on a big
#spotify #playlist you?
But i got about 17.000 Streams on "Beautiful Party Life" and the algorithm starts picking it up...