My Vlog Journey Day 57: WednesdayWalk MakeMeSmile

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I know I know... It's no more Wednesday... Really sorry... How can I forgot... 😱🙈🤦

Slapped myself...

OK. Thanks to a few of you who remembered and you have shared your WALK and SMILE post! Thanks a lot!

So let's WALK with me to go BREAKFAST HUNTING.

I am supposed to buy iced coffee from Ma Zi Pan Mee... But sadly, I am a little too early today. They have not start their business yet... Lol... I only come here for lunch... So my bad again...

But I did get my dim sum... My favorite Siew Mai! Yum yum yum...

Let's share your WALK and SMILE with us!

WednesdayWalk MakeMeSmile

Special Edition: MakeMeSmile Season 2 Episode 20 / 特别版: MakeMeSmile 第二季第二十集

Thank you @tattoodjay for the collaboration! WednesdayWalk and MakeMeSmile are two challenges that have similar intention and that is to bring FUN and SMILE to the Steemiverse!

If you are not familiar with WednesdayWalk, check out the walks HERE!

This Special Edition is all about WALK and SMILE. Take photos of your WALK and share with us. At least three of you will be winning yourself an SBI!


如果你不熟悉WednesdayWalk可以到这里 看看。


最后给大家讲一讲参与活动有可能得到的奖品。SBI! 是的,有几个幸运儿呢?至少有三个。所以快快把你的帖送上来吧!


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that food looks good and thanks for joining Wednesday Walk ;)

My favourite dim sum. Ya. These are yummy. Thanks for holding the WednesdayWalk

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I havent had Dim Sum in a long time I should get some soon, and My pleasure ot host it ;)