CTPtalk Tips & Tricks #5 - Earn Crypto With PTC And Power Up

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CTPtalk Tips & Tricks #5 - Earn Crypto With PTC And Power Up

In this video I continue with my Tips & Tricks video series about CTPtalk, Steem and ClickTrackProfit, and here I talk about how you can earn crypto with Paid To Click (PTC) and use that to buy Steem and power it up.

The way that these work is that the users are watching ads with a timer that goes for 15 to 30 seconds, maybe shorter maybe longer, and at the end they will verify that by completing a captcha, and then they get paid for that.

A quick note about the ads that you will see in these services is that they have a very high rate of scams being promoted, so don't believe everything you see or all the claims that they make, this does not mean that the services themselves are scams though, just that some of the ads are.

These services also have affiliate programs, and to earn from your referrals most of them also require you to watch at least 4 ads per day, and this highly incentivize activity, since that is part of getting paid.

Their advertising programs usually also see's very high conversion rates, especially compared to Traffic Exchanges, and in my personal opinion it's very beneficial to take 50% of your earnings and reinvest that into building your downlines in these programs, and cashing out the other 50% to invest in Steem and power up to Steempower.

But in my personal opinion I would also recommend you to also build your list first, and then promote these services through your list, so set up your autoresponder in TrafficWave, and your Lead Capture Page in ClickTrackProfit, and track your performance using Hitsconnect, and instructions for setting all of that is included in the CTP training lessons.

Crypto Paid To Click (PTC)

  1. AdsBTC
  2. Clixcoin
  3. BitcoinAd
  4. CoinPayU
  5. BTCclicks

This is what I would recommend and they are all free to join, but it's my personal opinion and not any professional advice, so do your own research before investing.


Erik Gustafsson

Do your own research before investing.

Join my Email and Video series, Success With CTPtalk, and start making videos on Dtube, and use them to build your own email marketing campaign.

CTPtalk.com is a tribe on Steem from fellow Steemian @jongolson, and you can check out the ClickTrackProfit platform through my affiliate link, https://clicktrackprofit.com/flaxz, it is free to join and use, but they also have paid memberships, and commissions are paid out in crypto, so do your own research before investing.

And if you don't yet have a Steem account get one instantly with, https://account.steem.ninja/?ref=flaxz.

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Erik Gustafsson

Do your own research before investing.

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Great to hear that. How much will i be able to make from the paid per click

Thanks @dty, so by watching ads yourself you earn a few satoshi each time, not very much but it builds up over time, the opportunity lies in the afffiliate programs though, since most require activity to earn on that there is also a high level of people that keep doing that, but the key is to get them hooked by also succeeding to get referrals of their own, and therefore it's very important to help them with the knowledge on how to do that.

As I said it's an addition to earn some crypto and buy Steem and then power up, that way there is no need to take the money from your own pocket to get to your first 50 SP, have an awesome weeekend ahead.

Great post! Thanks for recommendations!

Thank you very much @ph1102, now I really have keep writing that ebook, making it easy for anyone to just rebrand and give away, have an awesome day.

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