Time To Get Serious #4 - Focus On dApps

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In this video I continue my series on CTPtalk and Dtube, Time To Get Serious, and here I talk about what dApps I am using and will focus on going forward.

By listing the dApps (Decentralized Applications) that I am using, I can also be more focused on the ones that I do use and see where I might have to adjust something and get more productive.

  1. CTPtalk condenser - So I am using this one to edit some of my posts and to engage with this tribe, and for sharing the posts and videos I publish to this tribe.
  2. Steempeak - This is the dApp I use more than any other, it's my main way to post blogposts and for editing posts, and also my main way to make comments on my tablet, plus also my main way for interacting with tribes including CTPtalk, plus it's the dApp that I am using for my manual curation project @thisisawesome.
  3. Partiko - This is my main dApp for commenting on my mobile, and for following some people I follow more closely.
  4. Steemreply - This is my main dApp for answering comments, it makes this task way more productive and I don't miss any comments or mentions, they are all presented in checklist fashion with the oldest unanswered on top.
  5. DTube - This is where I publish all my more serious and longer videos, and I also engage with some people on here every day.
  6. Appics - I use this one to publish some photos and graphics and for some shorter videos, and I also engage with some people here most days.
  7. Actifit - This is what I use to track my daily steps and to post my Actifit reports, and I also make sure to engage with other Actifitters on a daily basis, mostly using Steempeak or Partiko.
  8. eSteem - I use this dApp very sporadically and when Partiko doesn't work, they have made a lot of developments, but it's still too small on my 5 inch phone, and on the tablet I am using Steempeak instead.
  9. Steemworld - This is where I claim and stake most of my tokens, and also where I analyze the analytics that they have to track my performance and statistics.
  10. Steemleo condenser - This condenser looks really great and I use it sometimes if I am not using Steempeak.
  11. Steemitwallet - I use this to sell SBD for Steem sometimes in their market.

So these are the dApps that I use the most, and I also intend to continue using, I think this is already a very productive way of interacting with the Steem blockchain and it's tribes, but if you have some idea on how to be more productive just drop a comment.

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This is my own personal opinion, do your own research before investing, and seek legal counsel if uncertain.

Enjoy watching the video!

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Stay Awesome!

Erik Gustafsson

Do your own research before investing.

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Great video keep making them you are awesome

Thank you very much Howard, there will be more videos coming soon.

Nice video man. But have you tried the ChallengeDac Dapp. It's magnificent man. You can use it to challenge a friend to do any task and they unlock the reward you set for them when they complete the task. Read about it here bro www.challengedapp.io

Thanks @citimillz, yeah I have heard and read about it, I just don't have the time for doing those kinds of challenges, keep up your great work.

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