CTPtalk Tips & Tricks #6 - #BuildUp50SP & The Steem Power Elevator

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It's Friday and quite comfortable weather.

CTPtalk Tips & Tricks #6 - #BuildUp50SP & The Steem Power Elevator

In this video I continue with my Tips & Tricks video series about CTPtalk, Steem and ClickTrackProfit, and here I talk about a new Tag that I have made that will emphasize the goal of building 50 SP, and I also talk about The Steem Power Elevator.


So that is the new tag that I have made, and it's there to focus on the goal of building 50 Steem Power as fast as possible, which is important to have enough Resource Credits (RC) to be able to post and interact on the Steem blockchain without being limited.

The Steem Power Elevator

That is what I have decided to call this strategy, and it's meant to act as a feedback loop that continuously elevates your Steem Power, and thereby also gives you greater influence on the Steem blockchain and also helps you to build your first 50 SP.

This is the steps:

  1. Build
  2. Engage
  3. Grow

Watch my video where I explain how these steps work.


Erik Gustafsson

Do your own research before investing.

Join my Email and Video series, Success With CTPtalk, and start making videos on Youtube, Dtube and CTPtalk, and use them to build your own email marketing campaign, and get rewarded on all of your content.

CTPtalk.com is a Tribe on Steem from fellow Steemian @jongolson, and you can also check out the ClickTrackProfit affiliate training platform, it is free to join and use, but they also have paid memberships, and affiliate commissions are paid out in crypto, so do your own research before investing.

And if you don't yet have a Steem account get one instantly with Steem.Ninja.

Credits For Music

Music Intro: YouCut

Music Theme: Turismo
URL: https://icons8.com/music/

Music Video: YouCut

Music: This is life
Musician: InShot

Erik Gustafsson

Do your own research before investing.

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