DTube #46 | Saigon City of Flower & Happy TET Festival

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Hello everybody !
Saigon has turned from a commercial business city into a city of flowers. All because of the upcoming TET Festival that is happening next week. Best part is that for TET, it's a 7 days public holiday in Vietnam. Longest ever holiday period and the best. Prior to TET, the entire Vietnam is turned into a country of flowers. Flower Markets are all over the place and citizens shop for the best to decorate their homes and offices.

It's just a beautiful sight seeing the Flower Market and best part it's not the that, but the parks within and around the city of Saigon is filled with full bloomed flowers; all done by the city council.


Hope you enjoy my video. It's fun walking around the Flower Market. Reminds me so much of home.

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Ah.. you are most kind @enginewitty
I think I'm more like the torns supporting the flowers ha ha..
It is indeed a very happy moment to be around all these beauties and I'm glad I took my colleagues advise to visit the Flower Market

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Gosh you weren't kidding!!! there is loads!
Would love one of those cherry blossoms in my garden! They are so pretty!

Oh yes, it's amazing to see so many flowers in an entire city..
Tonight I visited another flower street but there were just too many people taking selfies..

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