Lazy Boy // Fingerstyle Solo Guitar // Jeff

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Greetings :)

Here we have an original tune of mine titled Lazy Boy.
I think I'm going to do a proper video for this sometime.
The studio version will be rad. Ascending harmonies on the solo with a metal thump on the chorus.
It will tell the tale of a teenager playing his X box all the time, then his mam or gf comes in and starts yelling and kicking up stink.
The solo bit is when he rises up and goes bananas back.
The last verse will be him playing xbox with his slippers on with his gf or mam feeding him grapes from above.. ha

Links to Jeff's media.

Steemit 👀

Original Music 🎧🎶🎶☢️🤯

Instagram 👁️👁️ 😂

Cheers 🍻

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love these riffs, so cool, that bridge is awesome, good to see you back :)

Cheers turtle man :)
Good to hear from ya.
Hope all is well in the UK.

Your guitar always sounds so beautiful Jeff! The way you make it into a bass and a lead guitar is fantastic!

Thanks Atom :)
Hope you are well man!
I have been away for a while but now have the time :)
Blessings sent :)

Awesomly kewl playing Lazy boy Jeff! Mint man! :D

Hey dude :)
Glad to hear from ya.
Hope you are good and still lovin life.
Fist bumps sent across the pond.

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Cheers muchly ;0