What's In/On My Fridge?

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This is a challenge for the brave... hahaha. At least, I had to be brave. @livinguktaiwan decided on a Show Me Your Fridge Challenge and she shared hers first of course. I love her favourite magnets.

She tagged quite a few of us, me included but we only need to tag 3 Steemians to join in the fun. You can make a video or a post. Whichever tickles your fancy :)

So I invite 3 Steemitmamas to join in the fun, @khimgoh, @vincy @metzli, so I get to peek what gets stocked up in different countries/homes. I am throwing in 2 extra names, just because I want to know what's in/on theirs too ... @jeronimorubio 'n' @priyanarc :D

Hey, thank you for dropping in and hanging out. Do appreciate it.


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  ·  last year (edited)

Wow!! You're using dji osmo or your new pocket? I think my fridge very empty after watching your video.

Are you guys a model couple 無飯 模範夫妻

Come and #showusyourfridge @joannewong !!

  ·  last year (edited)

Tomorrow I do the vlog hehe. 😅

The DJI Pocket... and loving it
I exceeds my expectations :D

Your fridge is emptier than that?
You mean the magnets right?
Can't be the inside .... :D

Haha is the inside.

@tipu curate 1

Thank you for the tip @hafizullah :D

What a lovely tour of your fridge! And I love the card from your kids, you're so lucky to have us!! How cheeky of them ^_^ And your fridge is so tidy!

Thanks for taking part!!!

It was a fun challenge
I had never really scrutinised what's on the fridge before :D

Oh, and fridge is tidy because I just cleared a whole lotta leftovers the week before

Oh! Would have loved to see it a week ago , those are the best bits 😂

fungus and all ;p