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Another question by @ecotrain and this time around, how do you handle your challenges. I thought I'd handle one that is current.

Kids!!! Especially when they are in their teens. Finding the balance of Tiger Mum and Cheerleader is not the easy. You want to give them space, allow them to find themselves. At the same time you need to find a way to convey what's good for them without your expectations taking the lead for checkmate.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this. Or better, you can take part in the challenge yourself. I believe you still have a day to do it. Here's the post for more details.

Hey, thank you so much for dropping in and hanging out.

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I'm observing - as a mom of a teenager just turned 15 - that so much of the teenage "drama" people talk about is cultural and a reflection of the parents' values and their style. I personally see and experience very little of it, and see that most of the more traditional Thai families don't either. It seems the more westernized families get, the more this stuff raises its ugly head. Multiple children seems to exacerbate the issue, as you simply can't spend enough quality time with each of them.

Good luck - you have both hands and both feet full for another few years yet!

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That's interesting...
I always thought it was an Asian thing
There are tonnes of jokes on it too
It's never enough...bigger, better... even when we are complaining it is like my kid is naughtier than yours....
I call it the "er" syndrome ;p (was even talking to the kids about working on a comic for it hahahaha)

Honestly I try very hard to keep out of it... but you are absolutely right about it being cultural... the peer pressure sometimes gets the better of me...
Hardly but when it does.... especially when my guard is down....gahhhhh
Thank goodness The Hubs is the ying to my yang :)

Thank you so much for this comment <33