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Why did I not think of this sooner? The "Skull Buff" I wear often in my videos cost a pretty penny. No regrets. But if I had thought of this sooner, I would have probably repurposed a couple of the boys' Tees that had become too small for them.

They are so simple to make, it didn't even take me 15 minutes.

This is for @needleworkmonday championed by @crosheille. Something I have been meaning to be part of for some time. Because it has been over a decade since I really sewed anything, I wanted to start with something simple.

By, the way, if you did not own a sewing machine, this is something you can sew by hand. It really is that simple :)

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I am soooo thrilled to welcome you to #NeedleWorkMonday! 🤗 Every Monday we get together to share our work, ideas, patterns and tips and to support one another. We want to inspire the blockchain with our creations.

On Monday’s please use the #NeedleWorkMonday tag and on all other days use the #needlework tag so we can find your work ;D

This is such a great idea! I can see my mom wearing these as she works in the garden. When I’m working outside I like to keep my head covered and usually just wear one of my nighttime scarves. But I like this idea even better!

Thank you so much for sharing this week! I loved your video! We always encourage everyone to share the process of their work so thank you ;)

For more information on the @needleworkmonday community and our posting guidelines please visit our FAQs! ❤️

Yes, I love these because they are airy unlike a cap
Same function but I don't get a sweaty head

Thank you so much for the warm welcome @crosheille
Putting on my thinking capbuff for more ideas to share <33
Looking out for the amazing needlework community for inspiration :D

Love it ! ^_^

Thank you so much :D

Great repurposeing! I love it! Are the ones you normally wear an open tube too? I might have to try this.

Thank you @phoenixwren
Especially coming from you :D

Yes, they are all open tubes
And it's great because unlike a cap/hat, the head doesn't get sweaty... especially in this tropical weather :)

Ooh that's good to know. My skin is so pale, the part of my hair will sunburn if I am out too long, lol, so I usually use a scarf if I know I'm going to be out all day. A tube shape might be a good idea!

Yes it can be used in so many ways :)
I only use it in that one way but you can use it as a scarf too ;)

These will be so great for sailing or gardening when I want to keep my hair out of my eyes. I was thinking I would have to use a baseball cap, but these are a much better idea - cooler :) what are the measurements? Is it roughly a 50cm square folded and stitched to create a tube?

I knew someone who could look at a person and give the exact measurements for a dress pattern.
I'm so impressed coz she was the principal of a fashion school
And you did it from a video!!
That's so amazing :D
50cm square folded , spot on!!

Yesssss Sheila thats amazing. You can even make scrunsies for your hair from the left over fabric , i use the boys t-shirts for alot of things too. I use to make a needlework diy blog every monday i Will again after the holiday.

I love you video and the tutorial

  ·  last year (edited)

I am a little slow hahahaha
But yes, thank your for more ideas...
No scrunchies for me... but my daughter... yeeehah....
Home made scrunchies from here on :D

Thank you so much Britt <33

You are looking positively radiant sweetie! And what a cool idea!

Thank you so much @jaynie :D

Just being honest ;) MWAH! xoxoxo


Well, I learned many things from your video! I was not familiar with needleworkmonday, but now I am. And I had never heard of a buff. Is that something that is relatively new, or have I just not been hanging out with the right people? It reminds me of the day I learned what a dew rag is. Always something new to learn! I like the way you repurposed that shirt into something you would actually use.

The term "Buff" itself is trademarked
I just checked on its history and apparently born in the year 1991

I have seen the contestants of the reality show Survivor who are always given "Buffs" to identify which tribe they are a part of

The Buff, this tubular bandana can be worn in a variety of styles and is made of a material that keeps you cool on a hot day, and warm on a cold day. And I believe it has no seam as well.

Mine is a copycat and with a seam ;p
And if you do needlework, the community is a good one to be part of ... very supportive and they have some pretty fancy ideas too ;D

Awesome!! Welcome @kaerpediem :) The head buff is cool and easy to make. And you making a video for needleworkmonday is sooo cool! It is pretty hot and humid these days isn't it? Good idea to keep cool and absorb the sweat!

Thank you for the warm welcome
I am hoping on a routine of sorts
And yes, I love those buffs/bandana... :D

It is perfect! @kaerpediem your video is nice viewing the logo of #needleworkmonday mine not yet finish crocheting rasta buff, I lost the green yarn yesterday.

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Thank you @jurich60
Yours would be really nice...
From the loss of your green yarn... I have a feeling something beautiful is going to come out of it
I wonder what colour it will be now
All the best with your project... for surely it is going to take a little bit longer than mine ;D


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Thank you so much
I never say no to cake ;D

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This makes me very happy
Thank you :D