The most downvoted dog on STEEM!

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2 Thoughts, one Discussion and big DOWNVOTES for Paul!

The drama started after @acidyo, @vimm, @trafalgar, @ocd, @ocdb, @therealwolf downvoted a post of the dog welfare steemian @nosdos and then went personal very quickly. Nosdos announced to leave STEEM today and this is my take on it.

links to the drama:

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You don't seem to understand that this has nothing to do with your project. It has everything to do with the way you raise funds by buying/receiving purchased profitable bid bot votes. If people buy a lot of bid bot votes the bid bots will start to return a lot of steem to delegators again (big part of the bids + curation rewards) which means that everyone wanting to maximize their steem returns will delegate back to bid bots and not settle for curation only. Not only is this bad for authors as they have to send e.g 10 steem to receive a 10-15% profit instead of receiving a "free" upvote through curation, but it will discourage honest curators cause they won't be earning as much as delegating to bid bots and we will be back to pre-hf where most stake is in bid bots, no curation, content discovery or good distribution based on effort and quality is happening.

I am honestly surprised at how much you are overreacting from a 1% downvote that was pretty clear why it landed on it. Instead of just continuing your project and over time receiving more curation (I personally for instance would gladly curate the content as you seem to spend a lot of time on the posts and even think you deserve to keep part of the rewards since so much time goes towards it instead of having it fully nonprofit), you are instead throwing accusations, downvoting and forfeiting the project. It's pretty sad, in fact your actions make me suspect the legitimacy of the charity now.

Anyway, just wanted to make it clear that the downvote was in no way shape or form personal. All we do is chase bid bot votes and downvote them so they're not profitable so people are discouraged from using them as we can't do anything to bid bot owners but hope they change their ways from lack of customers or hoping this will make Steem worth more with a working proof of brain than just being a proof of stake coin where content is just a placeholder and value is extracted constantly by people who don't care about it or the content they produce and reward themselves with while there were no downvotes to fight it. I was however pretty disappointed by the way you acted off the bat from the first comment.


Thanks for your answer! I'll get to that in the evening!

We could talk about this for at least 2Hours, I'll have to postpone my answers to tomorrow. Maybe I also can get someone on air to discuss this.

Well, I tried explaining a last time to him in a comment below. Good riddance at this point.


Hey @nosdos, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

I am thankful for the creation of I am no longer allowed to earn anything on

Thanks for taking the time to make a video about this situation.

this topic still needs a lot of spotlights and talk, it has to be done. Have a !BEER with me and relax for a bit.

Hey @ocdb, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!


Hey your back!

good one, they should calm down and have an adult talk

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