Meet Backpacking Simon

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Meet Backpacking Simon by visiting his YouTube channel:

He has some 530 videos mostly travel videos. He has traveled to many places. He has come across many faces.

Backpacking Simon's name is Simon and he started his YouTube journey in 2015.

Speaking of YouTubers, i have come across many. I spend time on YouTube daily, not to catch a fancy but to pay attention to beauty of creation in humans. I pay keen interest in each human from the nooks and crannies of my isolation, to gain insight into the truest state of the world, understanding life and humans in the process and during this special endeavor, i manage to catch a swell time too.

Backpacking simon is the next amazing human to meet. You can quickly term him 'youtuber' but i say 'human'. In this video, we will help each other meet him and if you have already met him, you will be re-meeting him in this boring series, for i will tell you about him, 'my perception' based on hundreds of videos of his that i have watched, where upon he has taken a journey of evolution.

Yes, from the very start, we will summarize his journey till date and perhaps, in the end, you will be inspired by his shine and arrive upon his channel once again to pay him kudos. By the way, he has a patreon (with 74 patrons) too, which you can find here:

Backpacking simon has had some ordeals too which we will discuss. He travels locations in a bag. He travails the Carribeans, which is his current location and he traverses from rasta to rasta learning of life entails to them. He has traveled to many other nations too.

Then he shoots the sceneries from land and sky and adds his glowing face into the mix. Plus, his voice and unique accent he uses as dust, to fill his travel videos with his stardom.

I will write an entire ulog covering this subject eventually and create an entire tag-space for him on my startup social media platform on '' that just about any time and with permanence you can go on there to find some of his beauty dented into the spaces.

Backpacking simon is homely and it is a beauty. He is from the West and it is very unique that he has loved and managed to maintain his human and down-to-earthness even in the midst of accolades (his growing YouTube channel). Plus, he has share his limelight with others. Recently, he spark life in another YouTube channel and enabled a young man from Jamaica to shine even more, that the world can find more lights.

Let's pause. Kindly watch the video above to gain more insight into another amazing human, in the person of Backpacking Simon.


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I actually watch Back packing Simon. There are a good amount of vloggers capitalizing on their travel and Jamaica seems to be a premium location. I also watch Ras Kitchen. Did fully watch your vid but will do so soon.

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Thank you. I was thinking of your interface when doing the video but that will come. It is a promo steem endeavor. So it is long term thing. Do such video, an article, then contact them and invite them to a #partyonachair then bring up all platforms e.g for backpacking Simon reggaesteem. Still building. Will do about ras kitchen soon.

@surpassinggoogle, Travelling Series spreads the Knowledge Of World and in a way we can get to know about the diversified Cultures. Stay blessed brother.

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Thank you a lot

Welcome brother.

travel increase information

Congratulations @surpassinggoogle!
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