Beautiful Morissette Amon, Beautiful Houses (Architecture), A Wealthy Philippines; One Video!

Beautiful Morissette Amon, Beautiful Houses (Architecture), A Wealthy Philippines; One Boring Video! In this video, I walk around some streets in the Philippines to pick out nice houses and show them. These houses are massive, with nice architecture and expensive. All while playing a compilation of excerpts from Morissette Amon’s escapade, all to showcase the beauty and wealth of the Philippines in one boring video. Some may label the Philippines, a developing nation and some call it poor or third world, but I say not a soul is truly capable of exhibiting poverty. Yes, the Philippines wealthy and no, low cost houses don’t mean poor, so I will show that too. Without the labels, many things are just outright beautiful. This is a series I am experimenting to further show the application of music and its effect towards more testimonial use. I hope these houses also manages to inspire some, especially those who aspire the fine things of life. You can watch this boring video, listen to the song or highlights of beautiful Morissette play and manage to retap into your fire and rise again.

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