My Experience In Using '' To Grow My YouTube Channel. (With ScreenSharing)

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My video was uploaded originally to UloggersTV on YouTube which has 480 steemian subscribers.

In the video above, i discussed my experience on both as a MAKER and a HUNTER, with especial focus on my experience with having ran a simple quest called 'CHANNEL BOOST' quest, focused on growing my YOUTUBE channel subscriber-count.

In the video, i discuss these things in detail, covering 'how to get started', how to create a quest, how to withdraw, how to participate in a hunt etc. Altogether, i have had a splendid experience with my 'CHANNEL BOOST' endeavor, even on a minimal budget. To evade fees, i paid the budget in HUNT token (the review.hunt internal token). 

Altogether, there is a high possibility of subscriber-retention when you use the CHANNEL BOOST feature on REVIEWHUNT as many hunters belong to our steem community, a community that we share and are a family on. Besides, REVIEWHUNT has a reputation scoring system that incentivizes hunters to be reputable.

Where you have created a quest, REVIEWHUNT maintains an intuitive dashboard, that makes 'submission approvals' convenient. Where you have earned rewards as a HUNTER and attempt to withdraw your funds, you can withdraw very easily to an ETH wallet or to an ETH wallet as HUNT tokens, the latter method which cuts down on fees.

Please see my video above for more elaborate details on this subject.

Feedback For ReviewHunt. 

One worry with the CHANNEL BOOST feature, may be 'subscriber retention', a situation where one spends a budget, people rush to subscribe and then go on to unsubscribe when they are paid. To some extent you have deterred this by preventing one account from taking the same quest twice but perhaps you have other parameters in place that i am not aware of. I am hoping we can discuss that a bit.

Altogether, your platform is special, even inspirational, in the way it is arranged. I say so because i have a startup called, that your platform inspires. Where i have more feedback, i will enlist each and send you an email.

Question For ReviewHunt

Upon trying to make a payment on REVIEWHUNT in STEEM, there payment invoice don't have a memo. How do you track payments then? Do you generate a unique steemwallet for each user?

Stay awesome!

Your boy Terry


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