(Another) New Job

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A little celebration today as I’ve got myself a new job 😁. The current one has worked well as a stopgap but the role offers little as far as interest and development prospects are concerned. I’m not the best at selling myself or someone of huge faith in their ability, but it has been quite obvious this past month that I do have the technical knowledge to aim higher and provide more for a company, in the right role.

I’ve been doing computer stuff for a while now, and working at the university I graduated from provided me with hands-on experience in many areas. From building dozens of desktop PCs and servers, developing early web applications, configuring database and application servers, writing technical specifications, and leading a development team - the list is pretty reasonable when I make an effort to think about what I have been involved in and bother to write it down.

When I returned to the UK this summer I’d been unemployed (or self-employed in Steem blockchain land) for almost two years, I was unsure if my knowledge would be outdated and was not feeling too confident in picking up at the same level as where I left off. Two months was enough to realise I can offer more and I’m quite proud of myself for seeing this putting myself through the somewhat stressful application process again.

The new job is quite similar in role and pay to what I left at the University, but also potentially offers more focus on data warehousing and business intelligence. Both of these are of interest to me, and the Steem stuff has had somewhat of a positive influence in that. It sounds like once I get the fire-fighting out of the way, I should get chance to put some project time in and hopefully come up with some nice solutions to resolve the problems the guys discussed with me in the interview.

Whilst the first interview was formal and on site, the second took place at a burger shack, and they even bought me a beer too. It wasn’t touted as a second interview, but as is not been offered the job yet, I took it as one and made sure to not go for the vegan and lemonade. Fitting in, or at least faking it for an hour, was what they were looking for I think, or maybe I already had the job and they were just keeping me savoury-sweet?

Anyway, I was contacted last Wednesday afternoon (after I had emailed for an update because I was losing the will to live at the current place) and they confirmed that I would be offered the role, and were just finalising the contract. If there is one thing my ex taught me, it was not to accept the first offer, and so I declined that and suggested a bit more. The next day I received another call and my request has been granted, nice!

So now I have two weeks off, and seeing as this next week I was due to ‘work’ the evening shift, and am moving into my new place, the small gap in employment has come at the ideal time - it’s almost like I planned it this way 😁

The next couple of weeks will be spent sorting the new home as I have literally just the clothes on my back and a laptop. I’m going to need a kettle, it is getting quite cold in the UK now. I also have on my shopping list, although a lower priority than most items, is a heated throw. The electric wall heaters are very uneconomical and for heat on location, heated blankets are the shit.

Three days until I move in, and hopefully by next Friday I will be pretty much set up. I’m hoping that I’ll then have a little more time to read/write/research/present a bit more than of late, I do feel a little distant from the Steem community at present.

Anyway, have a lovely weekend all, and wrap up warm.




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Wayhay, congratulations dudeski!!!! Non vegan eating worked a charm, the beer too!!

I will raise a glass tonight for ya!

When I lived in my last flat with rubbish uneconomical heating this thing literally changed my life...

De'Longhi Dragon 4 TRD41025T Oil Filled Radiator - White https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00CA1T076/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_ThTXDbN7ZK4M1

It's a bit steep I know but it is so cheap to run and so amazing in the winter!

Pssht, I'm boring myself so I will stop

Wise words and thank you for the tip. Depending on the temperature I will look to invest in one of these beauties - oil is not dead yet!

I have raised a few early glasses but the boozer has been swamped by reprobates and I will be heading shortly - to the next place, cheers!

To the next place of course!! The day is yet young!!

Black gold for the win!! :0D

Black gold, also known as Guinness, cheers!

Not so delightful the next day when it comes out much as it went in!! :0D

You should get that looked into sir!

Lol,. It's been a long time sincei head a Guinness session!

Maybe next year we can start a Steem Fest with one :D

One of those ducks for dinner?

Congrats on the new job! Hope it is more fun than the last.

Is a heated throw a blanket you wrap around you? I have only heard of/ owned the electric blanket that lines the mattress.

That’s not a bad idea, although the water they live in is not so pretty.

Yeah the throw is a wrap around or lay under and they are cheap and awesome.

Thanks, Orca 2020 at some point is on 😁

We recently invested in some electric blankets - I forgot they were a thing! Good news too is that they've moved on since the 70s/80s when you were fearful of switching them on in case they burnt your house down!!! We love them.

BTW, congrats on the new job.

Thanks very much :)

Glad to hear i'm not the only one opting for this type of heating - they are seemingly quite economical which is another selling point.

There’s an incredible amount of blockheads doing permanent work.

Time after time I’m expected to empty my brain of experience and teach them though I’m not hired to do so.

Don’t undersell yourself and don’t count out contracting if your willing to move around.

The rates are substantially better, there’s little politics and you get to see more variety.

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Thanks for the advice, I do feel that contracting is an option if this one doesn’t keep my interest for too long.

Funny how little has changed in corporate IT, I’m sure this new place are years behind the Uni and think I can help 😁

This is such great news! I'm still in the 'unsure about my level after 3 years out of job' phase, and it sounds like a dream to me to get where you are and get an actual job that matches your skills and interests.

This made me laugh:

Fitting in, or at least faking it for an hour, was what they were looking for I think, or maybe I already had the job and they were just keeping me savoury-sweet?

What if you were a vegan but your future job depended on it? Would the vegan eat the meaty burger? Extra bacon? Lol.

Anyway: CHEERS! (Ghees, a year ago we were doing ACTUAL cheers and beers in Krakow :'( )

I don't think they would go extra bacon and most wouldn't go for the burger either I think!

Thank you Rosa, hopefully we'll be having beers again this time next year :)

Hey congratulations, sounds like a good fit, and a nice bonus (literally!) with the negotiation skills!


Seems like moving job and negotiating pay frequently is the quickest way up the ladder?!

Although the question is where does the ladder actually lead?

I'm hoping it's a bit like Folk of the Faraway Tree - a new and interesting destination every time.

wow, congratulations Asher, sounds amazing!! Hope you're still up for Steem analysis topics if BI will also be your daily job :D
Enjoy the time off and all the best for the new home.

Thank you 😁

I should really leave that Steem BI to the experts but will try to find time when there are more positive things to report.

Congrats Asher! Been missing you around here. It's cool to hear you're on a good adventure. Nice negotiating skills!! Awesome man. Keep having fun 🍻

Thank you Jill!

Four days without a post and only two in a week is slow going for me, but hopefully I can do a bit more when I'm settled. Cheers :)

Congratulations on the new job. The invite for beers is interesting and smart. In the US at least there are a lot of things you can't ask in an interview that would likely be offered up in a casual setting.

Enjoy settling in to the new place.

Thank you 😬

Yeah we could both ask questions not on the formal interview script, and a free burger and job offer was a good result!

I knew you'd get it. Congratulations!! I think the second meeting as you described was a just to see if they feel comfortable with you.

Thank you 😁

If you can stuff a burger in your face around new people then you must be OK?

That among other things LOL. Most guys don't have issues eating in front of others. There are those that will order the most expensive thing since they aren't paying. Usually it's just to see them in a more relaxed atmosphere and not the stress of an interview.

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All the best for your new job.

Thank you 😁

Awesome stuff! Congratulations!

Thank you very much! 😁

Congrats on the new job!

Don't forget a hot water bottle. 😁


A hot water bottle is not yet on the list, good shout!

Hey, @abh12345.

Well, congratulations. I hope this new job is more in liking with what you would like to be doing. Sounds like it definitely has the potential for it.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, as they say, so good on you putting your experience and memory banks to the test.

Somehow, I can't picture you as Vegan and lemonade, though. :)

Thanks Glen!

Well I don't mind the fake meats and a glass of lemonade at times but did think I should go for the less quirky options this time :)

Congratulations on the new job, and the move. A small short break, then the winter takes over, and you get to go and be in a nice cozy environment where someone else pays for the heat. A plus for a job, at least a few hours of free warmth.

So good holiday timing on the job to finish 2019 out, and perhaps an easier better 2020.

Thank you!

to go and be in a nice cozy environment where someone else pays for the heat

A nice perk, as long as the place is cozy, and 2020 should be quite productive in many areas :)

Congrats Ash!!

Thank you very much!

Cool congrads on the new job!

Thank you!


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Congrats on the new Job :)

Thanks Jay! :)

Welcome I hope it works out even better than you hope for

People say being vegan is good for you - You just proved there's exceptions! 🤣

Well don't on the new role and all the best getting the house set up.

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I think i'll ask them in a few weeks if a bean burger would have meant I'd not got the job :)

Thank you!

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Of course you planned it that way! At least your higher self did ;)

Your ex girlfriend taught you well.

I stay warm in the winter by sleeping with all three of my kids in the same bed. In fact, it gets downright hot sometimes, which is good because the air around us is COLD in the morning and nobody wants to be the first out of bed.

Congrats again, and good luck finding that electric blanket.


Thank you!

There was some sort of a plan with regards to timelines but I didn't expect it to work out quite so well.

I don't think I could hack a bed full of nosy fidgets, kudos to you for that!

They're like personal little heaters (LOL)

Look who's enjoy being an employee now 😂😂

Huge congrats, Asher! It sounds like this job will be a much better fit for your talents.
I love my heated throw and with the snowy forecast and temps getting down to -12C I will be wanting it tomorrow!
Good luck getting your new place set up! I'm hoping you have great neighbors!

Great to read how you are doing @abh12345, in getting yourself positioned for something you hope will be better suited to you long-term. And to have enough confidence, in the value of what you have to offer, ...

"... so I declined that and suggested a bit more. The next day I received another call and my request has been granted, nice!"

... to ask for it. All is well that ends well!

Having worked for a British firm for 14 years, I became very familiar, "up close and personal," with how uhhh ... "tight" your countrymen are. Even got a highly placed executive (he was very favorable towards me, for some reason ...) to not only acknowledge that, but boasted "through practice" they had elevated it to an "art form"! 😏

Looking forward to next hearing how well the reality matches up with the hopes and expectations.


Great news! I always had the feeling you would get the job, and am thrilled about the turn of events.

And yes, I can concur on heated blankets. It's getting downright nippy here in Pennsylvania and there's nothing better than snuggling up to some warmth.

It's so cold, even the drug dealers are staying inside!

Well done you. I'm glad to hear you got a new job.
Things are looking up for you. Dont mess it up 🤣😂🤣😂

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Thanks Paula, i'll try my best not to!

Congratulations @abh12345!
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And set up already, and the kettle wasn’t the most important I guess, when you only gave a laptop and clothes 🥴 but a lot has happened in a few months and indeed never accept the first offer, beer, kiss or steem !
I wish you well with all the new things and the new start !

Congratulations on your new job Asher !!
And the warm coat you bought 2 weeks ago will soon become more than handy I guess 😄